I Am Chelle


It’s hard to find a photo where I don’t look like a colossally smug jerk.

I started this blog out of boredom back in 2010 and unbelievably I’m still writing it, which makes it one of my longest-running hobbies ever. I acknowledge that a lot of the stuff I write is ridiculous shit, and a lot of it is written “in the moment”, rendering it neither PC nor well-researched. I should also say that I don’t claim to be a good writer nor a relevant one, so if you take issue with this blog then I don’t know what to tell you apart from go find a better one, or better yet, pick up a National Geographic magazine and learn yourself a teach.

Having finished with the disclaimer, here are a few things about me, not that anybody actually gives a shit:
– Being edutained is high on my list of good times.
– In the grand scheme of things, nothing really matters one way or the other. We are absolutely nothing (NOTHING!) in the vastness of the universe, so as long as I’m happy and not harming anybody then that’s good enough for me.
– I study geology and chemistry and hope to work in fields concerning natural processes, mineralogy, isotope dating, volcanology etc. Anything as long as it’s not customer service, to be honest.
– I want to visit Mars, Antarctica, Japan, Berlin and Central America, and a billion other places, usually for juvenile reasons such as “there’s a 7 storey sex shop”.
– I’m rubbish at almost everything except for fooling people into thinking that I’m not rubbish at stuff.
– I can juggle, do the splits and solve a Rubik’s Cube but I can’t make simple mashed potato.

Well, there’s not much else to say about me, so saddle up buckeroo.



12 thoughts on “I Am Chelle

  1. Hey Sweet! Love the blog, will be reading this on a regular basis, love the xmas rant too (although I do own a couple of those little naughty bastards you refer to). Good luck with the apprenticehsip, or consider a career in journalism, you’d make a fantastic column in the paper!!!!! xxx

    • Thanks Tans!! I cant curb my foul language enough for no paper! Im glad you like my memoirs and Im positive your kids are not the naughty bastards, because youre not without parenting skills! Love you long time! xoxoxo

  2. i have learnt much from ur blog Chelle, including, but not limited to: how the internet works, safety, and about old people. i think u are brilliant, and would love to meet u in person….. also, i think it would be better than me constantly fogging up the glass trying to look into your bedroom from outside.

  3. Ur so awesome giving me all these memories I didn’t even know I had. That makes sense I think.


    Nick – George St Normal Corner Dairy Massif graduating class of 1990

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