Chelle’s Favourite Wee Gems Of Perth

When I consider the fact that I’m leaving Perth in just 3 short months, I feel it’s only fair to do a bit of a shout-out to my favourite haunts of the city that has nurtured me for the past 7+ years. There are heaps of boss places in Perth that I haven’t even visited yet, and will endeavour to get to before I leave. But for now, please enjoy my list of favourite cool places I’ve been while here. Should you be visiting Perth at any point, I recommend all of these here spots.

Hula Bula Bar



When you step through the doors of Hula Bula Bar, you forget you’re even in Perth. This is a seriously happy place for me, to the extent that I only go once or twice a year to ensure that it is ALWAYS A TREAT. It’s a tiki bar with a real post-WWII Hawaii feel (a.k.a. my decor porn), and they have little speakers hidden in the greenery emitting jungle sounds. The music is usually excellent and ranges from awesome top 40s cover bands like The Baseballs, to traditional retro surf stuff like Dick Dale. It’s colourful with a warm ambience and it’s a great place to be on LSD. I always said that if I got married again, it’d be a themed wedding at this place. I can’t explain much more about why I love this little joint so much, but hopefully the pictures can enlighten you.

Geisha Bar 


Many a great night spent shambling around this D-Floor

Up some stairs off James St and adorned with awesome psychedelic artwork is Geisha Bar. Firstly, you really have to be into EDM to appreciate Geisha fully. It’s one of the very few clubs I love in Perth, because the music and many international and resident DJs are always great, the staff are awesome and the club itself is really pretty. It’s a perfect size too, not huge but not tiny either. There’s always a spot to bust a move or sit down, yet it never feels empty. Perfection.

Big El’s Latin American Fusion


I love the border entry!

Big El’s is noisy, colourful, vibrant and fun. In short, everything I want from a Latin American restaurant. The tapas menu is amazing, I like to order a shitload of different tapas. From memory, my ex and I once spent under $100 for both of us here and for that we had all the different tapas we wanted (so much food we couldn’t even finish it) and also beer. Top notch nosh with awesome decor!

Chapels on Whatley 


Cute oriental decor.

Chapels is a rad teahouse in Maylands that also does coffee/food etc. Again, the decor is what I’m in it for. And the bottomless pots of tea, of which there are heaps of different varieties. A great place to chill and meet up with mates. There is decent live music on weekends as well. I recommend the outdoor area!

Perth Observatory 


This photo up at the observatory was taken by Roger Groom, head of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group and an incredible local astrophotographist!

OK so I may be biased here, but in all seriousness, Perth has a really excellent observatory. Run entirely by astronomy-lovin’ volunteers, the Perth Observatory has some excellent telescopes and a beautiful hilltop setting in the bush. It’s so peaceful under the sparkly starry canopy up there, and it never ceased to delight me watching the guests in absolute awe of what they were seeing through those big telescopes.

Crow Books


Quaint and cosy – the perfect bookstore.

I’m sure all book enthusiasts are already familiar with Planet Books in Mt. Lawley, but there is another really stand-out bookstore in Perth that I love to visit – Crow Books in Vic Park. They are open until 9pm every night (10pm Thurs-Sat) and stock plenty of difficult to find books, in heaps of different genres. The staff are super friendly and they have an awesome array of greeting cards and all those good little fangurlish nic-nacs that bookstore lovers enjoy.

Aida Cafe and Shisha Bar


One of the few photos that even exist of this little gem.

We quite literally stumbled drunkenly into this place at 11pm on a Wednesday eve when the Viet place we wanted to go to was closed. Happily, Aida was open until 2am, allows BYO and even has a shisha garden out the back where you can also smoke darts. WIN! If you’re into Egyptian food, Tutankhamun statues, belly dancers and smoking shisha, pay Aida a visit ASAP!

The Elizabethan Village Pub


Charming and rustic as fuck

Way out near Armadale and up the hill a little, nestled in the forest is The Elizabethan. It has those quaint wee diamonds on the windows and does a mean steak, which is all you need to know really.

As you can probably tell, if it’s themed I’ll be all over that shit!
Love, Chelle xoxoxoxooxxo





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