What I Have Learned In My Twenties

Just a few wee things that I learned in my twenties!

– Not every friendship has to continue merely for lack of an official falling-out, and that’s totally okay. Don’t feel bad about not being tight with your clique of high school friends anymore – life changes. The reason you were probably all friends is because you were all in the same place at the same time for eight hours a day, four terms a year. Once you leave high school, you realise just how different you are to a lot of these people – and you might be surprised at how you even managed to be friends with them at all! Having said that, I’m still close with a couple of my high school friends, even though we live in different cities/countries – which is how you know they are legit friends and not just people you passed the time with when you were younger. Some friendships are meant to just “ad lib to fade”. Don’t sweat it – it’s nothing personal.

Y'all know me; still the same OG.

Y’all know me; still the same OG.

– I learned how to cook! And I don’t just mean that I learned one “signature dish” of something shit like nachos, I mean I can ACTUALLY make decent meals. I could come to your house and “knock something up” (provided you have more than a wilting lettuce and some dented tins of creamed corn). I’m not a chef or anything, but I have a rudimental understanding of how certain spices and foods work together and so forth. My 20 year old self lived on sandwiches and wine, so for me this is an incredible skill to have begun grasping.

– In your twenties, TIME is on your side. Quick, do shit before you have responsibilities. Don’t get into debt or you will waste this decade paying it off and therefore be behind everyone else in terms of assets later on.

– Deal with shit immediately. Don’t stick your head in the sand – whether it’s an unpleasant conversation or an unpaid bill, just suck it up and deal with it.

– Nobody cares what you look like or what you do, everyone’s too busy thinking about themselves. Nobody thinks about you even 1%  of the amount you think about yourself. Also, stop comparing yourself to others because you will never win that one.

You just do your damn thing, gurlfran.

You just do your damn thing, gurlfran.

– It’s completely ok to not be special/a jetsetter etc. Not everybody has an instagram lifestyle and that is fine. IT’S FINE. The most important thing is that you are a good person and you feel fulfilled in what you do.

– We are personally responsible for our happiness and misery. Don’t whine about something yet refuse to change it. If you hate your job, LEAVE IT. Trust me – it will NOT get better so don’t waste your time hoping it will be. Get off your ass and find a new job before the one you hate sucks all of your joie de vivre right out of you.

– You have a brain, use it. Think for yourself – most people truly are ignorant as fuck. Have you met our government lately?! If you spend your life believing what everyone else tells you, you are going to be consuming some pretty idiotic material. At the very least, use Snopes.com before blindly sharing crap on Facebook.

Use it or lose it.

Use it or lose it.

– Don’t sweat the petty stuff. Agree with strangers during small talk to keep the peace if you can’t be biffed arguing. Let the baby have his bottle. Weigh up whether its worth it to you. A lot of people thrive on being right and hate to be corrected – chances are, they aren’t asking you for a differing opinion to their own – they are expecting to be validated. Play their game and then make a hasty exit. Having said that, never be afraid to engage in mature discussion and debate with people that aren’t just sad little keyboard warriors. Always be open to seeing a new perspective. The point of discussion and debate isn’t to “win” or make somebody else change their mind to reflect your point of view, it’s to share information so that you may both change your perspective of the world a little.

– Never read the comments sections on articles. It’s just full of people (who missed the point) yelling at each other, and it usually devolves into logical fallacy and religious debate. I have no idea where the fuck these people come from.

– If your grandparents are still around, get to know them more. Ask them questions about their lives – they are like a living time portal and have lived through some fascinating decades, and sadly may not see many more. This is something I have only really begun to appreciate this year, and am eager to get to know my own Granny more when I head home next year.

<3 <3 <3

❤ ❤ ❤

– The joy of finding new music and art to enjoy is second to none. The two greatest websites I found in my twenties were http://www.tastekid.com and http://www.stereodose.com. Without them, life would be a little less joyful.

– It’s NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN NEW TRICKS. I toyed with the idea of taking singing lessons right through my twenties, convinced that there would be no point because I was too old to do anything with it. I’ve started now, at age 30, and couldn’t be happier.

What have you learned?

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxooxoxoxx


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