Excuse Me Sir – Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Our Lord And Saviour, LSD?

There is little point in pretending that I haven’t dabbled in psychedelics from time to time, because not only would it be insulting to the intellect of everyone who knows me, it would also be a giant untruth and I’m not that kind of girl.

I first tried acid in the summer of 2009, if I recall correctly. My old housemates were able to get some from a friend of a friend of a friend of some guy’s dog, so a friend (who I shall refer to as “William”) and I decided we would definitely get in on that, because at the time our escapades only really involved pot and nangs and we were definitely ready to break our brains. We invited a far more responsible friend (whom I’ll call “Nathan”) to come over that day and “trip-sit” us, just in case one of us decided the other was a biscuit and tried to attack and eat said delicious biscuit.

We were far too impatient for Nathan to arrive, so we just took the tab anyway and waited the requisite 30-60 mins for it to kick in. It was a pleasant, sunny afternoon and we were sitting on our front porch in our depressing St. James street, when we started “feeling something”. Fuck yeah! Around the same time, Nathan came strolling up the street, and we slobbered and jumped at him with the happy gusto of a couple of retarded Labrador puppies approaching a beef jerky dealer. Lucky Nath. We pretty much spent that entire day trying on different sunglasses and remarking about how it was like a free time machine (because each pair made the world look like a different decade), smoking durries and telling jokes in the garden, which had transformed into a botanical garden of majestic proportions. Also, since when did we have flowers? Never noticed those before, nor had I previously noticed what great lung capacity our walls had.

Like so.

Like so.

That day was awesome – it was spent hanging out with two great friends in the sun at home, having a lot of laughs and marvelling at how beautiful the world was. Where were all the purple elephants and horrible evil clowns and melting ghoul faces that I had been warned about? Nowhere, that’s where. Firstly, if you’re going to take a psychoactive drug, research the shit out of it first. Know what you are taking and whether it’s right for you. Secondly, take it only in a place where you are incredibly comfortable, with everything you need, and only with people that you know and trust. If you are nervous about it, don’t do it. Simple as that. An enjoyable LSD experience begins with “set and setting”, so if you have mental issues or anxieties, or you’re out at a random nightclub with strangers, maybe it’s not the drug for you. But I digress.

From that day onwards, LSD became like a trusty old friend to me. Much like people use alcohol to wind down or relax, I like to use LSD to have a good objective think about things whilst enjoying a visual treat and having a laugh. When tripping, I’ve always able to consider things from a very clear and logical standpoint, which has led me to have really productive thought processes that actually get followed through on, long after the trip has worn off. On my 30th birthday I was mid-trip when I looked at my cigarette and thoughtfully asked myself, “why do I even smoke?” I couldn’t give myself an intelligent reason as to why, so I quit that day (after smoking for 17 years) and now the thought of smoking doesn’t even cross my mind. But that’s just me, and everyone’s different – what works for some people has adverse effects on others, que sera, sera/ces’t la vie/whatevs. I can usually get some really good artwork done as well, and I can definitely understand why certain parts of the world are still lobbying to get low-doses of LSD legalised for therapeutic use, though.

Old mate Felix.

Old mate Felix.

If I was given the choice between having only acid or alcohol for the rest of my life, acid would 1000% win hands down. LSD is the most scientifically researched drug and more importantly, it is physiologically one of the safest – second only to magic mushrooms. It is incredibly safe because it is active in such minute quantities that you cannot fit enough of anything harmful on the size of a tab, meaning that an accidental overdose is impossible. Price-wise, it’s the best value drug that money can buy. What other drug can give you 8-12 hours of fun for the mere price of $20-40? The only objective argument that anybody could really give for alcohol against LSD is that one of these is legal and one of these is not. Which says so much more about your government and it’s concern (or lack thereof) for the safety of it’s constituents.

But you know what? Don’t take my word for it – go and do your own research and make up your own mind. As much as I love drugs, I still do some research to understand how they work in our bodies before I decide to try something new. And yes, if you have family history of mental illnesses, stay away from LSD and other psychoactive drugs. But you should stay away from alcohol too – just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s any safer mentally if you’re already predisposed to psychiatric issues.

Love, Chelle xxoo


2 thoughts on “Excuse Me Sir – Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Our Lord And Saviour, LSD?

  1. Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? Lol

    My first was like ~’06/07? It was pretty potent back then..
    every time I’ve tripped I’ve buried my smokes in the garden… desperately searching for them a day later (decade long pack a day smoker yet lsd makes me not want to at alll)

    Also I’ve mainly taken it alone during major depressive (bipolar) episodes… it makes me remember that well isn’t the world fucking fascinating and beautiful and perhaps I should stick around a bit longer!

    Finding a swing at a playground is possibly the greatest thing ever while on it.
    Triipin’ trooper

    Ps I’m sooooo happy to read a new chelleshockk!!!!!


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