TINKture you wee beauty!!


Again I have been away from the keyboard for far too long! Weeks and weeks ago I got a tattoo aftercare lotion from TINKture, by Le’Essience of Wellington, New Zealand – I’m a big fan of supporting local products, especially all-natural things. This is also a vegan product, if that’s your bag, baby. I found out about TINKture through an American-Dunedin artist Aja who swears by it, so I was very happy to receive my 30ml bottle from the creator, aromatologist Gillian Parkinson!.

Gorgeous packaging!

Sadly, when I received my bottle I actually didn’t have any fresh tattoos, but as you know, with me it’s only a matter of time!! I got down to The Ink Garage’s fundraising day to support Shyla (the girl I wrote about recently) and Luke did a cute little “lucky” horseshoe tattoo on me. I was pretty excited to try out my new aftercare, and so I eagerly popped it on straight away, and used it as directed, and my tattoo healed up very nicely and very quickly – in about 6 days, which is a record time for me, as mine usually take about 2 weeks to heal!


The oils in TINKture contain properties that can reduce swelling, bruising, inflammation and discomfort, and are as follows: Simmondsia chinensis, Olea eunoaea, Lavendula Angustifolia, Pelargonium graveleons, Santalum spicum, Pogostemon cablin, Matricaria recutica. I don’t even know what half of those are but I can assure you this; they smell amazing!

My friend believes it “smells like flowers, a garden of root that’s ripe to the extent that is good”, and also “goo remover”. I don’t know what this means because he was not sober when he said this. Another friend says there is a “definite musk stick lolly flavour” to it, and smells like “it might have traces of eucalyptus”. I agree with both of these, and will go as far as to say that it smells like a balmy summer night with a snifter of chilled Drambuie on the porch. As we stood around doing the “scientific” method of smelling things by wafting it towards us like seasoned wine tasters, I became aware that we looked like pompous stupid dicks and we immediately ceased, declaring TINKture to have a wonderful smell at any rate.

Not only does it smell amazing, it will turn you into a sexy lady like so ^

When on your skin, TINKture feels nice and light, it is simply a thin oil consistency, totally unlike Bepanthen, Protat or Lucas Paw-Paw ointment. The tattoo is able to breathe, which is essential for correct healing, and it also makes the tattoo look lovely while it is still healing. I experienced no itchy sensations, and didn’t have any issues with the TINKture getting all over my threads or sticking to anything. Before I found this product, I was opposed to many of the tattoo aftercare products on the market and so I would dry-heal (washing every few hours and only light moisturiser once a day), which yielded good results but from now on I will definitely continue using TINKture.

Another thing I need to note is the brilliant value of the product. A little really does go a long way, and the level of my 30ml bottle has hardly dropped, although both myself and my flatmate have been using it. For NZ$26.95 plus $10 postage to Australia (works out to be under $30AUD), this is excellent value, and will last 12 – 18 months, so you can hold onto it for more tattoos. You can also get a 15ml bottle for $15.95, if you’re only planning on one tattoo in the next year or so! It’s really easy to order through the website and delivery is pretty speedy.

I love the branding!

You can read many awesome testimonials here, but if you’re anything like me you will know that the best way to try something is to dive in and give it a go yourself. If you don’t get tattoos, it’s still a great thing to have on hand at home, as it has been noted as a fine soother of sunburn, and bruise reducer. If anyone in Perth wants some, send me a message and I’ll show you where to order it. If anyone in Dunedin wants some, it is available at Agency Inc!

Love, Chelle xoxooxoxoxoxoxox


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