How We Had The Best Ever Halloween Party

DISCLAIMER: All photos courtesy of Nicholas Kapirnas, unless otherwise stated, or unless they are shit pictures, in which case they were mine.

As many of you will know, my absolute favourite event/holiday is Halloween. I love dressing up and decorating, and having Halloween-themed parties! Although its not yet the 31st, we already had our party, due to Bastardfest being the weekend before Halloween and our flatmate having prior engagements the weekend after. Also, I had four days off work in a row on this particular weekend, so it worked out perfectly. An added benefit was that nobody was already betrothed to another Halloween party, as everybody else will be having theirs next weekend, or the weekend after.


Anyway, boring logistics aside, we threw the party and people came. I had a bit of an existential crisis when I realised that there was a very real possibility that people may not show up and we would be left looking anxiously at our watches at 11pm and asking one another whether we had remembered to put the address on the event page. Usually I wouldn’t worry about people not showing up, but the way of the “Facebook Event” has caused many people to either never RSVP at all, or everyone just lazily mark themselves in as a “maybe”. We had put 7.30pm as a start time for the shindig, thinking that many would just rock up “fashionably late” around 9pm, but to our surprise there were quite a few that had arrived by 8pm!

Maude Flanders was very eager to get the show on the road!!!

Earlier that day, we had spent hours decorating the party arena with cobwebs, headstones, spiders, candles, skulls, hanging creepy guys, and all other manner of scary things. Because I had been so busy decorating I was rather late in actually getting ready, and thankfully my camera-savvy flatmate Nick took heaps of photos nice and early. (Later on, I got far too “sociable” to be taking any photos or risking damaging my good camera).

Amazingly, if you have textured brick, that cobwebby stuff will flat-out stick to it. This was a big thing for us!

Flaming skull!

I had made a playlist that was mainly upbeat music (much to Chris’ dismay there was not much metal, but to be honest the majority of people there did not want to listen to metal all night) and to be sure, there were no complaints about the music that I know of. I think its really important to keep music as a background part of your party and not the focus, and as there were people dancing, I think the music was a success. You don’t often see people dancing at house parties these days, everyone is usually too self-conscious or there just isn’t the space, so we had that going for us! I must also note that if you want to have a successful party, you must always include Bomfunk MCs’ Freestyler in your playlist – because it takes everyone back to a carefree time in their lives, and this makes them happy and in a dancing mood.

Yeah …. Freestyler ….. rock the microphone

I need also note that costume parties are a great way to ensure that people mingle and make new friends – costumes are always the best “ice-breaker” and conversation-starter, ie
Person 1: “OMG! I love your (insert completely obscure cosplay fanboi costume here)”
Person 2: “Thanks! I didn’t think anyone would recognise it, but I just HAD to.”
Person 1: “Are you kidding?! I met the artist at Wai-Con”
Person 2: “Hang on, were you there dressed as (insert completely obscure cosplay fangirl costume here)?”
Person 1: “YES!!!!”
Person 2: “OMG! I was the guy in the (insert completely obscure cosplay fanboi costume here), talking to you guys at the line for William Shatner’s photo and signings!”
Person 1: “Holy shit, lets have sex in them there bushes!”
Person 2: “I thought you’d never ask!”

(That was how the gargoyle got laid, anyway)

And so it goes how people bond whilst wearing costumes. Now, as for our guests, well – the party was pretty much fuelled by our amazing guests. Everyone that came made a wicked effort with their costumes, except for a couple of late-comers but that’s okay because it was Phil Hew and he is really ridiculously good-looking so he gets away with it.

That smug bastard.

Everybody who came were all just good, decent, friendly people. We had everything from a slutty boy scout in rope bondage being lead around by a sexy dom-horse to a guy in a morph suit with a turtle around his neck (?) and everyone was talking to each other and getting along famously. There were no “cliques” and although people didn’t know each other at the start of the party, they sure did by the end and that is the best thing that we could have asked for. It was the sort of party where you could have come alone and left with a few new Facebook friends, someone else’s jumper, and maybe even a new BFF.

Some people made very special new friends.

I got amongst my usual “trick” of handing out shots and telling people it was Malibu when really it was Wipeout, only this year I had them in syringes on a silver tray. The people at the chemist looked straight at  my tattoos when I asked for all those syringes and I knew that they thought I was a junkie. Perhaps my rotund figure saved me from true persecution there, because everybody knows real junkies are scrawny!

It was very fun filling them up!

A game of Scrabble ensued between a mix of people, and I am proud to say, at one point of the party we had a real, honest-to-goodness Scrabble crowd. As in, there were people standing around spectating the Scrabble fun. I’m just going to make a precedent here and now by stating boldly that it isn’t a party unless you have a Scrabble crowd.

“Cumforks” are the new Twilight-brand vibrators. (Photo courtesy of Carly of the Violet Riot variety)

There was also a lot of rubbing up on people done by Sean, the token creepy uncle. With some people, this could be a problem, but not at our soiree! Sean with his bulging package and high waisted denim shorts was welcomed by all and he freely rubbed on things all evening to his hearts content.


The rest can only be explained with photos, so here is a bunch more!!!!

Zombie Peter Pan, Creepy Butcher, Zombie Alice In Wonderland and Zombie Tinkerbell

Cuddly Bear and Bloodthirsty Doctor Scientist


Cara The Witch having a chill-out

Alan from the Hangover, complete with man-bag!

Mozart and a long-time friend of his.

Three sexy minxes eager for Scrabble action

Probably the most amazing face ever!

And on the right, is the second most amazing face ever!

Me with Evil Sorcerer Peter. Why am I doing so many peace signs?

Ty, stalking a Pirate Chola Bridget, who is missing the point of a sword. Its okay, she had a May-December wedding on the brain.

Chris, pleased as punch with his new-found friend.

This insanely wicked tandem costume is the best!

We were very lucky to have professional photo-bombers in our midst!

Sick burn!

Thanks for reading!!!!!

Love, Chelle xoxoxooxoxoxox

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