Fundraiser for Shyla At The Ink Garage

Shyla O’Donoghue is a 4 year old Perth girl who has been diagnosed with Indifferated Pelvic Sarcoma, which is an extremely rare cancer. She also suffers from heart failure and another heart condition known as Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome. She takes around 6 different types of medication every day for her cancer and heart conditions, and due to these heart conditions she is very weak which makes it extremely hard on a body fighting cancer. Shylas days consist of multiple CT scans, PET scans, MRIs and Eco-cardiograms, combined with 4 days of chemotherapy every 3 weeks. Each week she has blood tests and blood transfusions as well. It saddens me that this lovely young girl is living the life of a sick geriatric person, instead of running around and getting into mischief with other children her own age.

What a gorgeous big smile! The bright nature of many sick children amaze me, they truly are special.

Soon Shyla will be going to Houston, Texas for a 6 week radiation treatment course which is a rare opportunity for her – as her weak heart is not always in a condition for being able to fly. The government is covering the cost of Shyla’s treatment, however her parents Paul and Tammie are struggling to raise the resources to be able to accompany their brave daughter on this trip.

After watching my lovely dad endure chemo and radiation, I know how taxing it is on the patients body, emotions and mind – and a little girl needs to have her family around her during this time. Paul and Tammie have set up a page on to try to raise the $15000 needed for the flights and accommodation, and donations can be made using Paypal. You can donate as little as $5, and every little bit really does help.

The Ink Garage (who you will have heard of in many of my past blog posts) will be holding a fundraising event day for Shyla on Friday October 26th, with all of the proceeds going to Shyla’s family to get them over to the US with their little trooper for her treatment. They will be doing $80 tattoos, black and grey or colour and the tattoos will be business card size. The flash sheets will be posted up on the event page very shortly, and it will be walk-ins only. Miss Di Brown will be piercing, and the tattooing team will be working hard as usual. The folk at Ink Garage are very generous and contribute to the community often – for their 24 hour Telethon tattoo-a-thon they raised almost $10 000! If you are interested in getting down there, go and check out the Facebook event pageand the Ink garage owner Bindi will answer any questions that you may have on the page.

Ink Garage woohoo!

If tattoos aren’t your thing or you can’t make it that day, you can still make a donation here. The O’Donoghue family really needs a break and this is a good chance for us to really help someone in our community.

Love, Chelle xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

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