Yesterday I went and got my nose pierced, I haven’t had any piercings in years! Here is a list of the piercings I have had in the past; both eyebrows at the same time (twice) both sides of my bottom lip at various times, both sides of my nose at various times, ears of course, and a Monroe. The last time I had my nose done, it was with a gun, and cost $5. FIVE DOLLARS! Who remembers ‘Reflex” on George St in Dunedin? I know that my friend Heidi does, because she got her ears pierced there when we were 13, and she fainted out the front, haha.

Anyway, the days of $5 “Reflex” gun piercings are long behind me and I got a professional piercing this time, with Dianne Fking Brown who is the Ink Garage’s resident hole-driller with mad skillz. She is hella nice and totally the opposite of a scary drilling mad dentist, which is what my irrational mind pictures when I think about being pierced!

You wouldn’t read about it, but I was actually really nervous, to the point where my palms were sweaty and my heart was pounding. I don’t do well with needles at all … but hark! You protest. Surely your many hours in the tattoo chair have calmed this storm of nerves? Well, no! That’s a different kind of needle and a different kind of pain. That ain’t no needle going right through part of me!!

Chris and Nick were sitting in reception when I got pierced and afterwards they told me that they heard my cry of pain, and it coincided directly with the start of an Alice Cooper song coming on the radio. Dianne was lovely and gentle as a lamb, which helped a lot! As the needle went in, tears started pouring down my face, on the side being pierced, and a few on the non-pierced side too, just because I’m a giant baby! Anyhoo, all went well and I ended up with a bigass ring through my nose like a 90s whore, yussssss!! Once it is fully healed I can go in and get a smaller ring, as this one is a little bit bigger to allow for swelling etc.

Check me out, with my sweet piercing and the rad Dianne *mad props* !!
(I don’t know why I’m talking like Randy Jackson here, but just indulge me, ok?)

Although I love the nose ring, I do believe I’m gonna have to stick to tattoos until I toughen up a bit I think!! If anyone is keen for a piercing you should definitely go and see Dianne, check out the Ink Garage’s page for details.

30 Day Drawing Challenge for yesterday was “A couple (any 2 people)” so I chose Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad, this was done with black fineliner and was really fun to draw!

“Yeah, Mr. White! YEAH SCIENCE!”

Love, Chelle xxooxoxoxooxox

5 thoughts on “OUCHIES!

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, why have you had them done so many times yet there’s barely any in?
    Also, LOVE your drawing of Pinkman and White! You’ve captured their expressions very well! Big Breaking Bad fan myself 😉
    PS. Get ya industrial pierced and then tell me how much ya nose hurt! haha.

    • Hi Bek! I had a few piercings in my teens and then gradually took them out over the next decade, usually for work reasons :S I get bored with piercings quite easily, I’m definitely more of a tattoo enthusiast! I’ll probably keep the nose piercing for a long time though, as I really like it this time around 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment on my pic of Jesse and Walt, I really love Breaking Bad too!! I hope there isn’t too long a hiatus between episode 8 and episode 9 of this season 😛
      I could never be tough enough to get my industrial done, that’d be pain central!!!! eep!

      • Ah, yep, that makes sense. I had to do the same for school, but I love my piercings, hehe. Tatts are great, so personal and addictive! haha. That’s good to hear because it does look good on ya, even with a ring 🙂 (I’ve also got a ring haha.)
        No worries 🙂 Which season’s that? I’m up to 5 ;D
        Oh, yeah, most brutal piercing I’ve had! Definitely worth it though 🙂

      • Its season 5, the new one! They do 8 episodes and then have a “break” and do another 8 which can be annoying!!!
        I’m definitely keeping a ring in, but will get a smaller ring once healed, I prefer a ring to a stud!!! Are you a Perthie? Do you have any tattoos? If so, what kind of style do you like? 😀

      • ahh, I’ve only seen the first 4 eps of 5, but that’s gay!
        Yeah, the rings look better on some people I reckon 🙂 yep, south of the river myself, how about you? Yeah I’ve only got one at the moment (which was a free home job for my 16th), but I’m planning my next one at the moment, which will be a half sleeve (top half) 😀

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