Quick Update and 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Welcome back to me, exactly a month on from my last post! Here is a brief rundown of what I’ve been up to in the last month;

Left my job, holidayed in the gulf of Thailand, picked up an infection on the plane home which I’m now on antibiotics for, have started the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, had an interview for reception at a tattoo studio (yesterday so haven’t yet heard back) … yeah that’s about it!

My Thailand holiday was pretty nice, bit of a “look at me I’m a dumb white tourist” kind of holiday but was still relaxing all the same.. I’ll definitely go back one day, but not with a group of people, and not to stay in the touristy areas.

The interview for the tattoo studio was for a reception/shop duties job at Artistic Skin Art in Midland (NOT an apprenticeship), and it is to work for 8 artists on reception, I wasn’t going to apply for any jobs until I had secured an apprenticeship or run out of money, but in the meantime if I can work at a tattoo studio, that industry experience will only help me get an apprenticeship elsewhere!

The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is something that I am working on at the moment, it’s just an incentive to get me drawing different things that I otherwise might not draw, and to encourage myself to do more pencil drawings, as I usually stick to manga pens. Here is the 30 Day Drawing Challenge List;

1. Yourself/Your Persona
2. Someone You Like (Celeb/Significant Other/Crush)
3. Your Favourite Cartoon or Anime Character
4. Something You Couldn’t Live Without
5. Your Favourite Book Character
6. Something From Your Favourite Board Game/Video Game
7. A Couple (Any Two people)
8. Something You’re Afraid Of
9. Something You Dislike
10. Something That Makes You Happy
11. Someone or Something From Mythology
12. Your Favourite Scene From a Movie
13. Your Most Recent Accomplishment
14. Your Favourite Fairy Tale
15. Inspiration
16. Something You Want
17. Something You Miss
18. Something You Need
19. A Hybrid Animal
20. Siamese Twins
21. A Guilty Pleasure
22. Historical/ Modern Icon That You Admire, Satirized – Using The Reason You Admire Them The Most
23. What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
24. Your First Crush
25. Yourself As The Opposite Sex
26. An Idiom Literalized
27. A Random Facebook Friend
28. A Superhero Or Supervillian
29. A Drawing Of Yourself Drawing
30. A Congratulations Banner For Finishing!

The list has been customised by me, I looked up “30 Day Drawing Challenge” and some of the lists were quite lame, like “Your fave twilight character!” – so I really picked the most mature/interesting things from each list and compiled them all into one SUPER DRAWING CHALLENGE. Anyway, here are the first 6 days so far:

Yourself/Your Persona
I think this is definitely my persona, I take my claw with me everywhere. It’s so bloody hard to draw yourself using a mirror.


Someone you Like (Significant Other/Celeb/Crush)
This be my main squeeze, Chris


Your Favourite Cartoon/Anime Character
Homer Simpson and Snowball II as Team Rocket
This one is my weakest effort, I hadn’t got my antibiotics yet and just didn’t have the energy or concentration to make it much more detailed or interesting.


Something You Couldn’t Live Without
I had a think and really couldn’t think of anything that I “couldn’t live without” because I don’t really get attached to material possessions that much.. so I decided to go for the obvious and just drew a big diamond ghetto water molecule. I did this while watching Breaking Bad, so it’s not very good technically speaking, but was fun to just doodle at.


Your Favourite Book Character
Professor Snape, of course!!!! The most intriguing character in the Harry Potter series, in my opinion.




Something From Your Favourite Video/Board Game
It’s not my *favourite* game, but this is Sergei Dragunov from Tekken 6, I wanted to do something with fineliner and just use crosshatch shading, and then I got all over excited and went and scribbled on it in pink highlighter, haha. I will do another day just with black fineliner using crosshatch shading, cos it does look quite cool on its own.

I’ll write again when I have something more exciting to say!!

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox

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