Friday The 13th (woOoOoOoOo!)

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and I ditched my second-last day of work early (with my boss’ permission of course, c’mon I’m honest!) to head over to The Ink Garage in Como for a $50 Friday the 13th tattoo or two. And get down I did! The studio was decorated accordingly and there was even a live Simpson Python snake in the reception area just hanging out on peoples arms and heckling the clients, as snakes are prone to doing. Before you excitedly scroll down to find photos of said snake, there aren’t any – I didn’t have my camera until later on when old Slithers had gone to bed. But just know that this snake was adorable!


The deal with the tattoos was that there were 2 sheets of flash from which you could choose a design for $50. The flash were all in some way connected with Friday the 13th, and the studio was taking walk-in appointments only (OK the jigs up, this is the studio from my previous post where I ranted about the stupid questions directed to them on Facebook!). Because it was walk-in only, I left work early to beat the crowds. I got my 2 tattoos done by a really nice guy named Val, who is a dude so I’m wondering whether “Val” is short for Valiant, because there was a sweet Valiant in the car park. Or perhaps he had progressive parents and it is short for “Valerie”. But anyway that’s just me wondering aloud – a name is a name and a tattoo is a tattoo. I got an umbrella with some drops of rain, and a hot air balloon with “13” in the basket. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo straight away so this is the day after picture when starting to get scaly, so the pic isn’t great. But they look awesome and are great wee gap fillers for my arm!

I’ll post a better photo of these once healed!

After this, I called up my flatmate Nick and offered to pick him up from work and take him to the Ink Garage for his very own Friday the 13th tattoo. Nick works at UWA, so naturally I got lost, but in the end we both made it to the studio.


Nick was getting a hand holding a cheque made out to “Friday” for $13. It was much busier with the “after-work” rush so this time the wait was longer, but we didn’t mind at all because they had the station set to The Mix and I have to say, it was a bonanza night for The Mix. We killed some time by smoking some durries and talking to some people that I knew, and just chilled out, really. The staff at the Ink Garage are all really friendly and in my experience I have always been made to feel really welcome there. Kudos to this guy in particular;

I love how in the first pic, it looks like he is going to tell me to shut that damn camera off, but really he was just keen to throw up his arms because, “fuck yeah!”

Nick had the pleasure of being tattooed by Macca, who is really rad. This was Nick’s second ever tattoo and it was in a more painful spot than his first, so there were a few grimaces! Unfortunately for Nick, just as the tattoo was starting, Kenny Loggins’ Footloose came on the radio and he painstakingly had to reign himself in to stay still. Fortunately for me, I did not, and I tapped my toes happily while asking Macca questions about his favourite tattooing style etc.


Macca obviously enjoys himself while he tattoos and it was very energising to see someone singing metal while they worked (I should clarify that shortly after Footloose, the radio was killed in favour of Metallica). When I grow up, I want to be just like that guy! But still, be, er, a girl.

There were piercing specials for $50 snake bites or spider bites (including jewellery!) from Di, the resident piercing queen. I saw a girl with really pretty, full lips that had the spider bites done and they looked great on her. If you aren’t a fan of tattoos or piercings you could still enjoy the day, because there were delicious cupcakes too! (although I’m unsure as to why someone would attend this event if they weren’t into tattoos or piercings).


I should add that the Ink Garage were the guys behind the 24 Hour Tattoo a Thon that I wrote about a year or so ago. Overall, yesterday was a really fun day event to attend and I’ll definitely continue to go to the Ink Garage, they have great artists and styles. Here are two of my tattoos that were done by Luke; I got them with my tax refund from 2010 and 2011, which I only got around to claiming in April of this year – because I’m lazy.


I hope that nothing too dreadful happened to anyone on Friday the 13th (woOoOoOoOo!) and that everyone has a wicked weekend. For me, the countdown is on – I only have Monday left at at my job, then 10 days to chill out and draw leisurely before a wee trip to Koh Samui. Then when I get back, I am working on my portfolio full-time until I am satisfied with it, then hopefully I can become an apprentice by the end of the year!

T-shirts were $10, with 2 designs – this one, or a pin-up girl. I am really bad at taking pics of my own back, but my flatmates are both still in bed, so it had to be done by me!

Anyone in Perth looking for a tattoo, get yourselves down to The Ink Garage for some fun (but still kind of sore) times.

Love, Chelle xoxoxooxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

4 thoughts on “Friday The 13th (woOoOoOoOo!)

    • Thanks heaps Bindi, it’s always a real pleasure to be in the Ink Garage!! I’ll be stopping by with my portfolio to heckle ya for an apprenticeship in the coming months, haha.
      PS Was I right about Val being short for Valiant? haha

  1. Chelle that chick that did mine was so awesome. We were talking about all the same music we like, how she’d been in the marian clinic too. Anyhow when I mentioned my dream tattoo was a back piece with one of the original Alice illustrations she got so excited cos it’s her favourite thing to draw. Anyhow I’m going to add her on Facebook and we’ll design it together! So glad she happened to do mine 😀

    • Aurgh! That’s awesome Cara, what good fortune to just happen upon an artist who is into the very thing that you’re after. Don’t you love how that stuff happens in life sometimes? I can’t wait to see your design and final piece!!!

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