There’s No Business Like Show Business

This is it, you guys… This is the time that I have been looking forward to for ages! I have resigned from my boring-ass office job and have not made any motion towards finding another job …. why?

Because I’m finally able to start chasing a tattoo apprenticeship!


Here is The Plan. I finish my job on Monday 16th July, then I spend 10 days completely stress-free concentrating on nothing but drawing and “tying up loose ends” (ie, tax return, posting stuff that I’ve been meaning to post etc). Then I head to Koh Samui on July 27 with some great friends to have a relaxing vacay (man, I even feel stupid just typing “vacay” but it really had to be done) and recharge my batteries.

This is me, packing for “vacay”.

Then from August 7th onwards – IT’S TATTOO APPRENTICESHIP OR BUST!!! I will literally be working full-time on creating the best portfolio one has ever seen, and then I will be making the rounds of my favourite artists’ studios to try to convince them that I have what it takes to become So I Think I Can Be Australia’s Next Top Voice Idol That’s Got Talent. Or whatever that thing is. Y’know, the people who tattoo other people? Them. I’m gonna finally be one of those. I hope.

I can’t believe that I’ve finally reached the stage where I can now easily live on the bread-line for at least a few months to give me time to try to find an apprenticeship and a routine, and then a part-time job. Perth people need to understand that I will not be available for functions until further notice, unless you want to pay for my company! Because I will be literally living on about $60 a week after rent. Kind of scary, but VERY EXCITING! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like I was starting to progress towards tattooing, and now that I don’t have a 9 to 5er in my way, the only thing that I need to overcome is self-belief. I need to make sure that my portfolio is so good that nobody can doubt that I have what it takes, and hopefully good enough that I don’t get a resounding “NO” from all studios that I approach.

Because doing sharpie sleeve tattoos on your friends when you’re wasted doesn’t pay the bills!

If anyone wants to donate anything towards my exhilarating plan, go nuts! Don’t give me money (because us homeless guys always just spend it on booze and we can tell that this is what you are thinking). Make me homecooked meals and assorted baking! Write me motivating and loving emails and handwritten letters! Make me laugh! Tell me to get off Facebook if you see me on there, because I should be drawing instead. Come round to my house and do some colouring in with me, or take me out for a walk! Free art supplies never go astray, nor do excellent conspiracy theories and tall tales about cats!


I invite you, my dear friend to love and encourage me throughout my poor months of following my dreams!

Love, Chelle xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxox


4 thoughts on “There’s No Business Like Show Business

    • Soph, you could pat me on the head and tell me I was a good little girl for trying and it probably STILL wouldn’t sound condescending from you, heh. Thanks for being all proud of me n shit! I’m so excited to just get on my way, I think the next week at work is going to feel like an eternity!

  1. Pete says..

    Hi Chelle,
    I know that your tattooing will be successful but never discount your talent in writing, I think it’s great and I enjoy reading your blog.


    And I love Laura 🙂

    • Hi Pete, thanks so much!
      Did you have a wonderful day yesterday? I’m sorry that Chris and I couldn’t make it – I’m heading to Koh Samui for 10 days on the 27th, so when I get back I’d love to come and visit you lovely people when you are both in Perth!
      I’ll always write because I love doing it!
      xx Chelle
      PS I love Laura too! As a sister/friend! 😛

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