Money Can’t Buy Happiness …. OR CAN IT!!!???????!!!!!!

Lately I’ve been thinking about that tired old chestnut, “money doesn’t buy happiness”. Perhaps the fact that I disagree with this statement is yet another testament to the seemingly cold and crude depths of Chelle, that depraved old bitch who doesn’t think that babies are special, or different to each other.

These all literally look exactly the same to me: BORING.

Everybody loves to proudly assert that money can’t buy happiness. I guess they are right in a small way – physical law would state that it is impossible for money to buy happiness, because happiness is neither commonly quantifiable, nor tangible. Therefore it cannot possibly be a commodity that can be purchased or valued in the retail sense. But most people don’t mean that when they say that money can’t buy happiness, they are really just saying it because they have never been broke or in debt to the extent that they were suicidal, or stuck in a job that they hated just to feed themselves or their kids (who they secretly resent).

“Nope, money couldn’t buy happiness, not for me, no siree!”

Yes, I know that people will immediately think of the lonely millionaire with his growing stocks and bannisters of gold, who would give it all up to find friends and a partner. To which I say, I challenge anybody to show me a person that this has actually happened to in real life. Guess what – you can’t. Because there ain’t nobody out there that sits inside sadly polishing their stacks of galleons, knuts and sickles when they could be travelling the world or using their money to study, volunteer, donate or try new things. Put simply; money affords you the opportunity to get whatever you want out of life. If money weren’t a handbrake, I’d already have done a tattoo apprenticeship. I also wouldn’t have worked in half of the jobs that I have had in the past. I probably also wouldn’t have had severe depression in the past. Yeah I know that sounds really emo and whatever, but I’m making a point here. Namely this; if it weren’t for a lack of money, 90% of the bad shit in my adult life would not have happened. 

This faux-hawk and massive lip stud combination, for example.

Going back to the lonely millionaire who would give it all up for a family, yeah right. Millionaires don’t have any issues finding partners, and the reason why is this – people with both interests and money generally get to indulge their interests. When you indulge your interests, you either become confident and attract people naturally, or you meet other people through those interests. This is literally how the majority of people meet their partners, so people with money actually have the odds tipped in their favour. Forget about gold-diggers, even. If you are stupidly wealthy but too dumb to know a gold-digger when you see one, then you are both getting something out of the equation and you ain’t lonely no more = moot point.

Looks pretty happy to me.

Many people confuse the expression “money can’t buy happiness” with the idea that happiness and wealth are mutually exclusive. WRONG. You can be wealthy and happy because of it. You can also be pretty broke but happy – the truth is, sometimes money has nothing to do with it. I’m not saying that money equals happiness and that’s the end of it, I’m just pointing out that it actually does if you use it in a way that makes you happy. Conversely the opposite is also true, if you put your money to shitty use and don’t make the most of it, then you will be pretty miserable. I’m referring to obnoxiously expensive cars on finance, living well beyond your means and having a bunch of *shit* that you are now stuck paying off, leaving you trapped in your current job. Many people make fairly decent money and still consider themselves broke, because of the sheer amount of material crap that they waste most of their money on that doesn’t really fill any holes. You just need to spend your money in a way that makes you feel good, not on the surface, but right through to your bones.

“Hello 5 years of weekly repayments!!!!!”

At this point in my life, as long as I had a tattooing apprenticeship and a part-time job that paid enough per week to cover rent and some basic savings, then I’d be 100% happy. I just resigned from the highest salary I’ve ever had, because the job was making me miserable. I don’t even have a job to go to and I kind of don’t even care at this point. I’m heading to Koh Samui to relax “in between jobs” and I’m gonna be frugal and hoard all of my money until I do get another job, but I kind of like doing that because it means that I have a legit excuse to spend all day in my pyjamas and not have to spend time with people. I realise this sounds really mean, but I’m a massive introvert, and being around people drains my energy, whereas hanging out by myself and creating artwork or reading books doesn’t. HOWEVER, if I had a whole lot of money then I’d still be this happy, but probably a shit-tonne more so. Because that money would buy me the time to study tattooing, and work on my art and writing, and I wouldn’t be spending it on exorbitantly priced items that do nothing for my soul.

I’d also have more time for this!

Money will always make you miserable if you let it. Don’t let money make your life suck, use it in a way that makes you truly happy, use it to buy your freedom, not to clutter your life up with more trendy junk that says nothing about who you are. In fact, I say that if you are continually spending upwards, you’re going to wind up in worse places that just Spenders Regretsville. Perhaps you should consider what you actually need and also consider how many people in your community are severely in need of things that you take for granted. I bet money would buy them happiness.

Right now money would buy me happiness in the form of a frozen Coke. Goodnight.

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxoxooxoxooxox

4 thoughts on “Money Can’t Buy Happiness …. OR CAN IT!!!???????!!!!!!

  1. Love your work Chelle 🙂 And wholeheartedly agree! I love my wee fam to pieces and am happy with my life, but more money would be AMAZING! No more doing the courier run (something fun instead!) No more stressing when a big gst, tax or car bill came in and we’d be able to take Lily and Ben on a holiday somewhere finally!!

    • I know right! I also completely forgot to mention how many relationships dissolve due to financial stress and arguments therein! If I won the Lotto Shaz I’d shout you guys a wee holiday 😛 Just gotta start buying them lotto tickets first haha.

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