The 7 Signs

As you all know I am a bit stuck in the past, technology-wise. I thought technology kind of topped out in the 90s, and I still consider a 1997 movie to be “new” looking and “recent”. Today I was thinking a bit more about what I consider to be “new”, and to be honest, compared to what’s out there now, my era looks really dated. Allow me to enlighten you with 7 incredible signs of 20 years of advancement, with pictures of things from 20 years ago, and today. Please note that I did put a lot of work into researching models etc, so the pics are truly from models of 1992 and 2012 (although in some cases, like the walkman, that same model contined for about 3 years so was also available on other years around 1992).

1. Lets start with the obvious thing that you jerks seem to think that you cannot live without: mainstream mobile phones.

This must also explain bumbags, and the decline thereof.

2. TV: teacher … mother …. secret lover…..

Panasonic certainly saves on plastic TV casing these days.

3. Computers – This, I thought was pretty good. Note how neither have CD drives? Thats because between 1992 and 2012, CDs became relevant, and then became irrelevant. LOLZER!

The difference is even more pronounced when you look at the screens!

4. Video game graphics have certainly come a long, long way. The first is Bart’s Nightmare on Sega Mega Drive, and the second is the new Prototype 2.

Oh no, Bart! Watch out for that sinister-looking shrub!

5. Point and click cameras – for the sake of this, I considered only your average Joe family BBQ snapshot cameras, not the flash-whiz-bang ones that require you to actually know how to work them. Obviously, the 92 camera uses 35mm film that you would have to take to get developed, whereas the 2012 is digital.

I’d say on the whole, cameras have changed the least.

6. Cars – again, I have always considered a 90s car to be “flash”, because my first car was an 84 Honda Civic. That meant I was a 16 year old driving a 17 year old car!  The 2 cars below are both Honda Civic sedans, because some models of car look older/newer than they are, so I figured using the same model for both would show the true evolution.

The 92 version is much better for “doing laps” and drinking bourbon in, though.

7. Portable music. Excitingly enough, the exact same walkman that my Dad bought me as a 7 year old, was available in 1992 and so I was able to use it as the early example! The Kube looks totally rad, don’t you think?


Well, for those of you who are over 25, I hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane. For those of you who are younger than that, you have grown up in a ridiculously over-hyped technological bubble and I resent your age bracket for being so dependent on technology and not appreciating the true joys in life, like getting pre-loved, musty smelling books at a library instead of on a cold, sterile Kindle… or buying a cassette tape and savouring the first time you unfold out the huge album booklet, only to have trouble folding it the right way to fit back inside the cassette. You haven’t even lived.

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

2 thoughts on “The 7 Signs

    • Haha thats gold!!!! 😀 Your mom was dead right, lol. However how do you rip your tape collection into mp3s? hehe.

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