The World’s Shortest Blog Post, Because I Can’t Not Announce Today’s Feelgood Moment!

Today I came across the most marvellous, cutest thing ever. It just so happened that of all days, today was the day that I chose to leisurely stroll around and look at everything in the supermarket. I usually don’t even look at the meat section, because the only thing I ever get from there is chicken and I know exactly where it is kept. Mmmmm ….. chicken …….

So anyway, there I was at 10am on a Sunday leisurely strolling the aisles with my trolley, when I came across this wee beauty:

He even went to the trouble to include little red stars!


The offending loin chops.

I wanted to run out to that back butcher room and find “Joshua” and pick him up and squeeze him and place him on my mantelpiece. I bet he’d be smiling away, too. I don’t know why I found this whole thing so delightful, but I just did. How many supermarket staff apologise personally for “substandard” product, whilst vowing to do their best to find a “serius” supplier”?

“Joshua”, you have restored my faith in humanity just a little. Cheers, bro.

Well, I hope everyone else’s Sundays started as pleasantly as mine!

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox

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