Letter From a True Supporter

This is a letter from my older brother Brad, to our home rugby team, the Otago Highlanders. I thought it was so beautiful that I had to publish it here:

Dear JJ, Whopper and 2012 Landers squad.

Hard luck in the weekend lads , not our best game and a bit unlucky, and im guessing we have lost Sladey for the season which really sucks !!! but chin up and all that stuff.

Im just writing to let you guys know how proud Iam of the style of footy you guys are playing this year , the freeflowing backline moves have been grouse and we have been a bit unlucky not to score more tries , complemented by the hard nosed tight 5 play up front that we always do well its been a pleasure to watch, also the defence has been the key to winning those 4 close games that in the past we would normally get pipped.
Right from the first whistle it has been obvious that there is an underlying confidence there that has been lacking in the past few seasons and the teamship you guys are showing is rad, this must be mentioned as you guys have not been dragged down by all the injuries that have popped up and all the bullshit surrounding the fuck ups involving the ORFU that will have an effect on alot of the squad … well done !!!
I have enjoyed watching every minute as i do every season ( one game had to be watched delayed due to another loyal Landers supporter had a brain malfunction and booked his wedding the same night as the Crusaders game : ( ) especially when i got to attend my first game at the new stadium, now i have been in the past a ground member at the ” Brook ” for 7 years, i love that place and will treasure all my fond memories from all the games watched from section K on the terrace, but i must say that the new stadium is CHOICE the atmosphere is wicked and i think it should be embraced by all of Dunedin , the haters piss me off and they will continue there petty quarrels but you guys just ignore that shite and let your rugby do the talking !!!

Just to recap … keep up the good work lads , play hard , show no mercy and as with every year weather you guys come first or last i will always be behind you !!!! Highlander for life !!!!


Brad and I, supporting the Landers as always

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