Why you ought not be afraid of “permanence”

People take themselves way too seriously these days. Ever noticed how people who have tattoos don’t care whether others have them or not, yet many people without tattoos make it their business to smugly tell people with tattoos about how they have made poor choices and ruined their lives? Think about it, we are here in this life for around 80 years (more or less, if you’re lucky or unlucky) and we are completely miniscule in the grand scheme of things. I used to fret about so many decisions until I realised that what I do makes no impact whatsoever. Nobody actually cares whether I become a lawyer or a checkout chick, it makes no difference as I am but 1 of 7 billion people on this Earth.

But anyway, I can’t force other people to think the same way and become open-minded about what choices other people make. People need to learn that what someone does with their body is their own business. If I want to have tattoos, I will. If I want to not overshadow my life on a quest to be a size 8, I will. If I want to dye my hair, I will. Just because I choose not to follow a prescribed ideal of what beauty is, does not make me any worse than someone who does. In fact, the knowledge that I am not one of those cookie cutter hotties makes me happy that I don’t attract the kind of people that like them. I tend to find that guys and girls who are into a girl like me are usually intelligent people who treat their partners with respect and involve them in their lives, rather than that “boys/girls” segregation bullshit. Obviously this is a huge generalisation, but I do find that many hotties I know get treated like shit by their partners and don’t even realise it, or have trouble finding long-term happiness.

Anyway that is a major digression because as many of you know, once I start typing, the ideas form faster than my fingers can type and I get lost on massive tangents. Todays post is to show you how if I ever choose to, I can actually conceal my tattoos. A few months ago, I covered my knuckle tattoos for a job interview, and posted pics but knuckles are small individual tattoos so I wanted to show you a larger coverup. I doubt I will ever actually need or want to cover my tattoos up, but there may come an occasion where a dress I want to wear just might not match my body art. And that doesn’t mean that I for a second will regret having tattoos, it just means that I can use my brain and conceal them for a night if I want to. Because, y’know, IT’S MY BODY.

As an interesting side note, I recently went for a job interview and decided not to conceal my tattoos. I figured I would give them the right to hire/not hire based on my body art if that’s the kind of people they were. I was offered the job immediately after they had checked my references, at the salary that I had demanded. I didn’t actually take the job in the end, but I am making a point that the body art, it does not seem to be too much of a biggie.

Anyway, here’s the method of concealing. All you need is some concealer, I use mousse as it is smooth and dry and doesn’t come off, even when using a face wipe. The last pic is after I had wiped it down hard with a face wipe to remove any excess, and it wouldn’t budge. In the first 2 photos, I tried to show that it really is me using concealer so people don’t accuse me of “photoshopping” (which, as many know, is something that I have never been able to do anyway, unless you count making hybrid animals using cut/paste in MS Paint).

1. Apply concealer

This here concealer, is Maybelline Dream Mousse and I think I got it on sale about a year ago for $15. It's probably radioactive by now.

2. I only did half the tattoo so that you can see the difference.

This is the first general layer (it takes 2)

3. This is why you should not be afraid of tattoos, but you should be afraid of pictures of yourself with no makeup, haha.

This is the general swipe of it before being blended around the edges

4. Blended!

I didn't bother doing the other half because I'm really lazy, and it probably would have just looked photoshopped if I had.

And that’s how I didn’t ruin my life by getting tattoos. This whole thing took about 5 minutes and I didn’t use any type of special makeup implements, just my fingers. Because I hate being told a “really easy” way of doing something that still involves all these mental tools that you have to go out and find. It’s like how in magazines they give you “cheap and easy summer recipes” that involve obscure, fucked up ingredients that your supermarket doesn’t even stock, such as “agave nectar” and “duck tongues”. It’s not cheap if you have to drive 50kms away to a random shop that sells that stuff.

Anyway, I hope this helps break down barriers about non-tattooed peoples thoughts on people that have tattoos, and why its actually not a big deal, and doesn’t make any difference to the way we live our lives (other than that we frighten children, but thats the look I was going for anyway).

Love, Chelle xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox

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