Insert Generic New Years Post Here

Well, here we are in 2012. If Back to the Future is any kind of prophet, we have only 3 years to develop Mattel hover-boards, self-drying jackets and thumbprint door locks. Whilst the bright minds of our time focus on those things, I will be directing my focus towards daily drawing – “Bang Bang” is to ensure that I draw every day, even when I’m feeling lazy. I don’t expect it to have anywhere near the amount of followers as this blog, because lets face it – looking at someone’s drawings every day is pretty boring to most people. So I will continue posting here, and hopefully more regularly than I have been of late.

I've already become really good at drawing in a short period of time

On New Years Eve, our bogan neighbours started cranking what I can only describe as one of those shit “best beer drinking” compilation albums at about 5pm, and I firmly resolved secretly to always be a good neighbour and only ever play really good music loudly, like Dr. Dre, KISS and Electric Light Orchestra. We played a beer pong tournament on the beer pong table that we made out of the underside of my drawing desk top and a rubbish bin. (I won) The 6 of us were all pretty anti-New Years eve, and I don’t recall any kind of countdown/time checking or anything to that extent. We all scoffed at the multitude of generic Happy New Years text messages that our phones received, and I believe I may have gone to the servo and bought a chicken sandwich at some stage. So that was my New Years and I had a really good time. I had a few other offers involving swanky city exclusive bar parties and balconies overlooking the city, but I really hate going out clubbing in the middle of summer when every other dickhead is out as well, so I declined all offers.


New Years Resolutions? Normally I don’t really have any, because I think that you shouldn’t wait until some arbitrary rolling over of time before embarking on positive changes, but I literally only thought of A Drawing A Day today so I am making it a bit of a 2012 goal. I want to purchase a really good piece of WWII memorabilia this year as well, and am planning a trip back to NZ to tour with my BFFs Heidi and Corrina once again, and to get some sweet tattoo work done from the amazing Ant and Aja at Agency Incin Dunedin.

Because, FUCK YEAH

Have a good first week of 2012 and don’t listen to beer drinking compilation CDs loudly.

Love, Chelle xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox


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