Holy shit why have I never written about my feeling towards gay rights?

Today a friend posted an article about 2 gay penguins being given a chick to raise, which is nice and all, but my initial reaction was “why the hell does everyone think that this is so adorable but when it comes to the rights of a human gay couple everyone has to put their judgemental 2c in?” That’s when I thought, “hey! I can write about it!”

I don’t think I’ll ever get over why people are still so unaccepting of extending the umbrella of human laws to shelter people that aren’t in a hetero relationship. Gay people have so much to offer the world; for one, have you honestly ever met a thick gay person? I don’t mean to stereotype, but none of the gay people I have ever met are stupid. As many of you know, I believe that this world needs to stop breeding. The catch here is that intelligent people are the ones saying “I choose to remain childless because we don’t need any more people on the planet and I want to enjoy my life” … whereas the idiots just keep breeding more and more children just like themselves. Many of these people are the same jerks that call homosexual people “gay cunts” (not affectionately) and disown their own children if they happen to be gay. I believe the scientific terms for these folk is “rednecks”. I don’t want to get off topic here though, I’m just letting my fingers do the typing.

So … what is actually wrong with gay people?

Are they bad because the Bible states that it is wrong for a man to lie down with another man (Leviticus)? Leviticus would also condemn me then, due to my tattoos. Leviticus would also condemn the All Blacks then, for “playing with the skin of a pig”. Funny how one never hears those rednecks whingeing about their beloved AFL team defying Leviticus by playing with a pigskin, or shunning their mate Gazza for his sweet new tribal tattoo.

Mind you, I don't rightly trust anything that outsells Harry Potter 13 to 1.

I watched this video called “It’s Time”  recently, and the Youtube comments under it are so ridiculous. The original poster tried in vain to get someone to explain to him how it possibly hurts them if the man down the street legally marries another man. Not one person has been able to give a satisfactory answer, although there are plenty of confederates spouting off about how “penis goes with vagina” and how “the Bible says its wrong” (argument shot down already, see above). I think that hiding behind Christian ideal is pretty weak, considering that I have some great Christian friends that would love me just the same if I “lezzed out”, because they know that there is more to a person’s heart than just their sexual orientation. As for “penis goes with vagina”, would that guy not agree that mouth goes nicely with penis, therefore allowing the idea that mouth also goes nicely with vagina (not that his girlfriend would know cos he sounds like the type of dick that doesn’t do that) .. which stands to reason that penis and vagina are not mutually exclusive. Oh, well – life must be hard when hand and penis are your holiest of matrimonies.

Wait, did I say hand? I meant to say gun. I am implying that people that ignorantly hate gay people have sex with guns.

Another comment on this Youtube video is “You forgot about drugs and sex in club toilets” … well, I am in a hetero relationship and not only do I take drugs occasionally, I have also had sex in club toilets (sorry to peoples parent reading this, but I bet you have too, you saucy minxes). So we can’t assume that such awful behaviour is exclusive to gay people! Grrrrrr I can’t believe how thick people are. I believe that people use the slippery-slope argument “oh, well if we allow gay people to marry then how soon before incest and bestiality are legal?” That’s ridiculous. That’s like saying, “well, if we legalise marijuana, how long before heroin will come with a Happy Meal?”

"Patience, my pet"

Maybe it doesn’t bother as many people, but I was raised in a household where our parents loved us no matter what – once when I was about 13 I asked Mum, “what would you do if I was lesbian?” and she replied “I would support you and love you just as much as I ever have”. When one of my close friends “came out” to my Mum, my Mum gave her a delightful novel about two teenage girls that fell in love. At the time we pissed ourselves about it, but in retrospect that was pretty fucking cool. Go Mum! In Dads eyes, I would still be his girl and he would probably just poke in a cheeky joke here and there. My brother would be much the same – he definitely loves his lesbian jokes and aforementioned friend bears the brunt of many of them!! Yes, I realise that I am extremely lucky – because I know that many friends have not been as lucky with accepting families. Maybe that’s why I get so angry – because I can’t understand why people can’t adopt the same kind of acceptance as the people in my life.

This happy, respectable couple have a dark secret - THEY ACCEPT GAY PEOPLE!!!!

I firmly believe that you fall in love with a person, not a gender. The majority of people just happen to be attracted to a gender’s physical traits first which is very natural, but I have met many girls in the past that I could definitely have had a wicked relationship with (to accompany my tattoos and rugby ball for the trifecta) – even though I love everything about my boyfriend and other boyfriends I have had in the past.

What is the issue? Why do people oppose homosexuality so much, anyway? Jealousy, perhaps? If you read that article, perhaps the people that are the most “homophobic” are so because they are driven by anger that they are unable to fulfil their desires – due to fear of non-supportive families, maybe? Its a damn shame if some homophobes are so angry towards the gay community because of the restraints they have on their own feelings. Its a case of the kid that has been abused, and becomes an abusive father himself, in a way. All it takes is for society to have the balls to let these homophobes be who they want to be. As for the gay people that are already out of the closet, no matter how hard you might sometimes have it, you are still so much luckier than those who cannot even bring themselves to be honest about their sexuality, and in turn lose the chance to have happy relationships.

Anyway, it’s not like me writing about it is going to change anything (just like me writing about Gumtree bogans didn’t stop them posting their shitty backyard tattoo ads on Gumtree) – I just felt like writing about my feelings about this subject that is important to me.

Love (yourself most importantly), Chelle xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox

16 thoughts on “I LIKE YOU, DO YOU LIKE ME?

  1. I love you Chelle! I’m not only proud of being gay, I’m proud to be your gay friend. As you know I was unlucky enough to be disowned by my father and even though he said the most unforgivable, hurtful things I still love him. I don’t know that we will ever have a relationship again, it’s on him to work that out. But I can’t hate the person that has instilled the beliefs and morals in me, the very reason I have been successful in life, the reason I am so tolerant and accepting of others. I will always be grateful to him for that. The only traits I didn’t take away from him was that being ‘different’ was not okay, I dated a black guy in high school and he made me break up with him because it was not okay, yet it was okay for my best friend to be an aboriginal girl. He accepted an alcoholic, abusive boyfriend in my life, yet he cannot accept the fact I am in a loving relationship with a female and have never smiled the way I do now since being honest with myself and honest with him.
    Being scared of things that are different is naive and ignorant.. I am glad I broke that cycle.. x

    • Well said – It takes an amazing person to forgive and be thankful rather than focus on the bad side of something. I’m so stoked that you are in my life, you and Looby are gold and now I have another second sister!!! I’m proud to be your “hetero” (well currently, anyway) friend that has taken drugs and has had sex in club toilets, lmao. You are such a strong chick and honestly have your head so screwed on – you’re such an inspiration. Cheers for being you – and for helping Looby be her. I wish every youth struggling with family/sexuality could hear what you have to say Kat, you would change someone’s life for the better, I’m sure of it. You and your fruit salad are always welcome in the Fitzy family and you know it xxoo

  2. PIffle about how you writing about this wont change it. I say again. Piffle. Things like this- gay rights, human rights, feminism, animal rights- those are the social issues that are only ever going to be rectified if enough people get on the bandwagon. How do we get people on the bandwagon? By talking about it. Your blog’s awesome, and this article is fantastic, Chelle.

    • Cheers Soph!!! Chatting to you on fb got me thinking about writing it, so some credit goes to you!!! I wish everyone would hurry up and jump on this bandwagon, though. There needs to be some really pro-diversity people in parliament soon I think!

      • I totally agree with you. It’s a shame you can’t run, really. 😛 (You can’t, right? Because you’re Kiwi?)

      • I can’t run because I’m morbidly obese, lmao

        Nah I hate politics and I’m not very family-friendly, I’d make a shit MP !!!!
        Plus, pants suits are not my bag!

  3. you go girl .It hasnt been easy dealing with coming out myself and whilst some members of my family whom you know have been great others are taking there time .I love your no nonsense style of writing ,oh and me and my partner both also have tattoos and I like rugby guess I’m dambed but the way I see it If i’m dambed at least I’ll have my partner and 100s of other homosexuals to party out with .My partner has given me so much more than any man and when we have our civil union in febuary we will be standing proud and not letting socity dictate to us. we need more people like you in the world that dont fear someone because they are gay but see it for what it is I think people get scared that by saying that homosexuality is ok they are going to have a whole bunch of gays hit on them or something or that the whole world will be that way. however its not how it works and people should get over fear. anyway gone on too long
    good on you chelle and keep putting your veiws out there .

    • Cheers Leigh and congrats on the upcoming nuptials in Feb! Thats exactly it, why would people want you to be in an unhappy hetero relationship rather than in a loving and happy homo one? Because people suck, thats why! xxoo

  4. Great post Chelle. I have lots of gay friends and couldn’t care less if people are gay, straight or on the fence. It has however always baffled me why people feel so strongly that gay people should be able to get ‘married.’ I feel differently but not for discriminatory reasons… My understanding (correct me if im wrong) is that the only difference between marriage and a civil union is that ‘marriage’ is a christian (?) tradition and is ‘under the eyes of god’. I can’t understand why anyone would want to be married in the tradition of a religion that condemns their lifestyle? I am heterosexual but I think because I am not at all religious I will get a civil union.

    • Hi Cara! Over here in Australia they don’t have “civil union” so there is a lot of outcry over that – I like your idea of getting a civil union also – would a hetero couple even be granted one or would it have to be a “marriage” ? I think “marriage” is defined in the bible as being between man and women which is where the law gets their definition from, however the bible was written by man, and so I guess people are pissed that our government would rather honour the fictional writings of 2000 years ago than put consideration to those that are living today, I don’t know really!!

      • In most places there is a HUGE difference between the legal rights of a couple in a civil union as opposed to a marriage. A civil union is also not available in most places to same sex couples.

        In my opinion the whole… Marriage = Christian thing is totally shit. Atheists get married. So do Muslims and Jews and Pastafarians. I can understand your point about disdaining an institution that won’t accept you… But a) not all homosexuals are anti-Christian, or even non-religious, b) the whole… You don’t like me? Well fuck you! reaction is a little juvenile, and c) why SHOULDN’T gay couples be able to get married? Why should gay couples be forced to accept second best legal rights or even a different name for their partnership?!

        The thing I find so frustrating about people who are anti-gay marriage is that none of them have EVER been able to answer one question: HOW THE HELL WOULD IT EFFECT YOUR LIFE IF GAY COUPLES COULD.MARRY?

  5. It definitely would not effect my life if gay couples could marry and I certainly am not opposed to gay marriage I just didnt really understand the differences.

    In New Zealand Marriage and Civil Union are virtually the same thing but Marriage is irrespective of religious affiliation (it is instead a legal and governmental institution.) Muslims, Jews and I dontknowwhatapastafarian is get married through their churchs and that marriage is also recognised by the government…

    I also don’t mean that the respective religion should be disdained.. I advocate that everybody’s belief systems should be respected if not agreed with. I just would personally rather not prescribe to following the practices of a religion when large, important aspects of that religion conflict with my own beliefs.

    In saying that, the fact that in some countries civil unions are not afforded the same rights and obligations as marriage, or dont exist at all is definitely frustrating.

    Chelle a civil union in New Zealand can be between a man and a woman. So sorry about my ranting I’m just really interested in this topic! I don’t mean any offense and definitely definitely do not think that the same rights should not be afforded to gay couples. To me the name is no big deal but I guess to some it is.

    • The thing that frustrates me about the government legalising civil unions for same sex couples when there are such differences in the rights afforded to couples who are married or who have a union is that I think it means that a lot of people who are against same-sex marriage, or not passionate about the cause, or who don’t understand, will turn around and say, “Well jeez, you have civil unions now, why are you still complaining?”

      It sounds like the system in NZ is much much better than any civil union proposal that I’ve heard. Kudos to the Kiwis. ^^

  6. Fuck yeah kudos to the kiwis!!!
    I never heard so many anti-gay voices until I came to Australia, sadly. However look at the relationship NZ has with our Maori heritage compared to Australia with the indigenous heritage. Come on Aussie, grow a pair and move with the times! Heavy generalising going on here by the way, there are many wonderful people in this country. However there are also many racist bigots too. Boooooooo.

    • Heavy generalisation is in order when it comes to the way Aborigines are treated in Australia. Really shameful.

      You know we had some Aboriginal neighbours move in (briefly) last year, and one of my neighbours went around to every apartment in the complex to WARN them and tell them to bring in all the stuff on the porch or by the front door. >.>

      • Thats the worst thing – I hope you slammed the door in their face and proceeded to leave a million things on your porch, arranged in the shape of “fuck you”

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