24 Hour Tattoo a Thon – high five Ink Garage and yo crew

This weekend saw the coming of another Telethon. Telethons have long intrigued me, yet they were always so damn boring. The TV coverage was always really crappy and filled with random irrelevant celebs. But this years Telethon would be different. Listen here you young foals whilst I tell you why.

The Ink Garage banded together an almighty posse of rad body modders that were generously prepared to tattoo and pierce for 24 hours solid throughout Saturday night and Sunday. Tattoos were $50 each, chosen from 2 sheets of flash, and piercings were $50, or $80 for dermals with all proceeds going to Telethon. As the selfless folk running the show needed to be kept wired enough to stay awake, DJ Diamond Renegade “spun that shit” into the small hours, keeping the mood elevated for artists and clients alike.

Photo by Cammo Burgo

I had booked in for a small old-school dagger, and my appointment was 9pm on Saturday night. I rocked up about an hour early to register etc and was stoked to find that after only 10 minutes of waiting, I was waved on through and given a seat at Tam’s station. She told me that she had done around 10 tattoos thus far, and most of them had been pawprints, which was probably getting boring to tattoo. She was stoked to be doing the dagger, as it had been one of her designs, and I told her to do what she wanted colour-wise as long as there was some blue in it somewhere. NOTE TO THE KIDS: Always trust the experts. They know their ink, they know what looks good. You might think that a lime green and dark brown neck tattoo will look awesome, but you’re probably wrong, so settle down and listen to the people that do this for a living. All up, Tam probably took about half an hour on my tattoo and I was very happy with it – it’s on my left hand. Now I just have to be patient and wait for it to heal, so that the real colours will come through – at the moment its still quite dark.

Hilariously, these legs look like they don't have a body!

Away to the pub to meet up with friends I trundled, not expecting that I would be back at The Ink Garage so soon.

Dolly Dagger

The next morning I woke up and checked out Facebook, as you do. The 24 Hour Tattoo a Thon was still bustling on, however there had been cancellations and they were able to accommodate some walk ins. After a couple of quick and friendly replies from penis piercer extraordinaire Dianne Fkcing Brown, I was back in the car and on my way to Como for another piece, and another $50 into the Telethon kitty. After about 25 minutes of waiting, I was back inside, and was led to Rachel’s chair.

The gorj Miss Rachel

I was unbelieveably lucky to have a female artist both times, and had decided on a cupcake on my right hand. Rachel looked so awake for someone that had been tattooing for 15 hours straight, and was really friendly. Again I handed over executive decisions on colour etc, and she awesomely used green, pink and purple in the tattoo, which matches the green and purple in my knuckles nicely.

Do the damn thing!

On the way out, I was accosted by a heavenly sight ….. a foxy woman tending to a BBQ. The BBQ goddess offered me a free sausage with all the bells and whistles (onion and tomato sauce) and I felt like everything was right with the world. This event was so much fun to witness, and I felt really welcomed by The Ink Garage crew, and the bevvy of badass artists that gave up their time to contribute to such an awesome effort.

Pretty ink smudges on my hand!

These generous and down to earth peeps must all be named …….  The Ink Garage owners Bindi Campbell and Sherri Campbell, and The Ink Garage crew Rachel, Dianne, Tam and Nate. The guys from 5 Star Tattoo Studio – Owen, Steve, Greg, Brett and Ricky. Tony B and Abby from The Local Tattoo Studio. Johnny and Ross from The Black Quill, and Artistic Ink’s Grant and Paul. 

At the time of this post, the amount raised for Telethon was not as yet totalled, but I imagine it would have been upwards of $10 000. NICE!!!!

In my "happy place" ... mmmm the smell of Dettol!

Love, Chelle xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

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