Laundry is Mainstream, Whereas Saving Cats is Awesome.

Due to yesterdays post being so boring and technical, here’s something everyone can enjoy….. but don’t too get excited, it’ s only a 681 worder.

Chris and I went to see Super 8 at the movies last weekend, and as usual when we got to the cinema door, there was a sign telling us that cleaners were working in there. An elderly lady started walking in and was ‘shoo’ed out by an attendant, as the last people were straggling out of the previous showing. They must be like Chris, whereby they watch the entire credits roll in hopes of a stinger, which if you don’t know, is pretty much the movie equivalent of a hidden track on a CD. Anyway. We waited about 5 minutes and it was almost the screening time, so the elderly lady thought she would have another go. Everyone else decided to follow her and so we did too, as we like to get in first to get the seats behind the walkway, to put our feet up on it. The cleaners just rolled their eyes and gave up, as I guess they decided not to bother trying to kick everyone out.
So what did everyone do? Start complaining loudly about the cleanliness of the theatre! Some teenage boys found popcorn on their seats and were sarcastically saying loudly, “they did a REALLY good job of cleaning up”, whilst others murmured about wrappers on the floor.
Really guys?
After you ignored the “Cleaners in Progress” sign and stampeded into the theatre, interrupting the cleaners doing their job, you are then going to complain that they didn’t do their job properly?
Fuck each and every one of you.
Super 8 was great, by the way.
Also, I hate it when elderly people are cheeky like that. They think they can get away with so much just because they are old.

Turns out they do manage to get away with some things.....

Has anyone heard of this “Jedward” phenomenon? I had a look on youtube (being a famous, busy blogger, its very important for me to keep up with the latest current events and all) and I don’t know if I am overtired or whatever, but I kind of want to be those guys.

They look like major La Roux fans. And where can I get some of those shoulder pads?

I’m a bit jealous of “Jedward”. They even did Backstreet Boys for their audition. Speaking of which, recently Chris and I pulled up next to a boy racer car at the lights which had windows rolled down and the stereo up loud, and only one person in the car. He was enthusiastically getting down on Backstreet Boys. This is not even a lie, and he wasn’t joking as there was nobody else in the car. Good on him, I say. Boys, don’t be afraid to be yourselves with the windows down.

Also, don't be afraid to rescue cats from floods. Its a one way ticket to Getting-Laid-Forever-ville.

Apart from blogging, I got nothing accomplished this weekend that was on my list. I don’t really mind. Tidy, organised room? It can wait. Laundry? That’s mainstream. The gym? Couldn’t handle seeing thin people in lycra. That shit is soul crushing. So what did I do? Got drunk in Subiaco, watched movies, ate substandard vego pizza, wrote 2 blog posts, and watched “jedward” online. Overall, a pretty satisfactory weekend. Before you judge me, what did YOU do? Go to Northbridge in a skanky Supre dress, whilst later on carrying your high heels around and crying? Was crying on your list?

Happily, for the past week I have had the joy of sleeping in a fort. You may smugly think that your boyfriend is amazing because he went to Harvard and teaches Latin to orphaned Brazilian lepers, but has he ever built you a FORT!?


I will now leave you to wallow in your jealousy over my fort (and possibly my rugged good looks). I do hope that the lacklustre posts of this weekend have not sapped your faith in my humble blog.

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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