Bitch Train

It astounds me how fucking stupid people are. This is one of the reasons that people with tattoos get frowned at on the train by middle class, middle age women with cheap Target coats that think they are a cut above.

When I Google-searched images of "bitch on train", this is what I found and it was too hilarious not to use. I have obscured the pussy for the younger/gayer readers.

“Even though tattoo artists replace the needles, the paint is the same, and doctors warn that infectious blood can be transferred through these paints.”

Tattoos now available in a huge variety of colours, from blue to pink! Simply spoiled for choice!!!!!!!

Firstly, it is not paint, it is INK! To everyone that has never seen a tattoo artist work, or had a tattoo before, please do not think that one merely wanders down to the local Jacksons and purchases some sweet acrylic paint with which to infiltrate the dermis. These inks are extremely well made, for one purpose and one only: to sit correctly and safely in the skin.

Secondly, to the same people that are not familiar with tattoo practices, PLEASE do not believe everything you read. This article clearly implies that a tattoo artist dips their needle directly into the bottle and then directly into your skin. I have NEVER seen a tattoo artist do this. They use small plastic ink cups, and throw them away at the end of your session, (along with the bloodied paper towels, the needle, and the glad-wrap from the chair) regardless of how much ink they have, or have not, used.

It is retarded news articles like this that people automatically listen to. If somebody is not familiar with the practice of tattooing, then of course they are going to believe this perspective. The person who wrote this article obviously has no idea about tattooing either, which means that they are unqualified to be publishing anything on the subject. This is the kind of nonsense that makes people think that tattooing is dirty, unsafe, dangerous. Luckily I have the fortune of a wide range of intelligent friends who would probably not take an article like this as gospel, but the average uninformed herpderp will. And the average uninformed herpderp is often the one that tries to bring about zoning restrictions for tattoo studios, as if they are not trustworthy enough to be in the same neighbourhood as your family butcher, your local florist, or *gasp* your son’s school.

"Lady, I AM your local butcher."

Yes, there still exist dodgy places that have a less-than-ideal clientele, but so what? They are no worse than most bars and clubs! Just because someone rides a motorbike and has tattoos doesn’t mean that they are any more likely to rape someone than some drunk university student at a local bar, or a burnt-out businessman spending a weekend speedballing.

"Is that what you think? Because if that's what you think, then I have got something to tell you. Something that may shock and discredit you. And that thing is as follows... I'M NOT WEARING A TIE AT ALL - oh, wait...... never mind. Rape time."

It all comes down to the root issue – prejudice. If you can at least take one thing away from this post, think twice before you turn up your nose at a stranger on the train. If they are on the same train as you at 8am wearing work clothes, then you obviously have something in common! So just settle the fuck down everyone please.

If only Stephenie Meyer could write with the same level of competence as the tattoo artist....

On a lighter note, it looks like Twilight fans are still out there going strong. Cathy Ward from England has had27 hours of Twilight-themed tattoo work done by Ian, of the No Limits studio in West Reading, after she became “hooked” on the series in 2009. Due to her devotion to the books and continuously reading them, she stopped “snacking” and lost a whole lot of weight. Her tattoos are her reward to herself, and her husband loves his sexy new wife.

(er… can somebody please buy me the Twilight books?)

Love, Chelle xoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxox


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