Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

Well I have certainly had quite the hiatus from the keyboard, haven’t I. I suppose you thought that I had finally lost interest in the “blogosphere”… well, I haven’t. Although I definitely have lost interest in horrid colloquialisms such as “blogosphere”.

Truth be told, I have been working, getting tattooed *yussss* and jetting off to exotic islands in the Pacific (NZ), with not a care in the world (except for money and work). And now that I am back, I need to definitely record my memoirs. This particular post is about a wonderful tattoo that happened over 3 sessions, and was finished on Friday Feb 11th. You may remember when I booked in to see Lauren at Holdfast, well this is the aforebooked tattoo.

The tattoo itself is a portrait of my gorgeous Dad, at age 19. He is straddling a fixed-gear bike and is squinting into the sun, with a durry casually sticking out of his mouth… basically he looks like the coolest guy ever, and I bet all the girls wanted to wear his letter jacket or whatever the fuck they did in those days. The portrait is bordered in bold filigree, with a neo-traditional banner underneath, reading “Fitzy 1957-2010”.

The first session was on the 14th of January, and felt pretty easy – nothing like the knuckles at any rate!! Lauren was really cool, we chatted about various hilarities and the time went really quickly (3.5 hours). Here is the tattoo after session 1:

The outline of dad was tattooed on lightly so she wouldn't have to reapply the stencil, and led to a lot of people thinking that I was going to leave him as a line drawing. I cant believe people would think I had such bad taste! Although I do have old english writing tattooed on me, so you never know.

The second session was another story altogether. I had to beat it death with its own shoes.

Actually I didn’t do that, I stole that line from Wayne’s World 2. The second session was pretty damn sore though, so much so that we had to finish up a bit early because I was having a lot of trouble handling it. I’m not sure if it was because the weather was like 40+ degrees, or whether my pain threshold was lower than usual. I have heard that a female’s pain threshold changes during their cycle and I was wondering if that was the worst part of my “month”. I kept pretty quiet and just let Lauren get on with it, as I didn’t want to make her talk much as she’d had a sore throat that week and it was a hot day.

The painful one, but the banner and filigree coming on heaps!

I was able to put my “pain threshold” theory to test with the third session, and it worked. The third appointment was like a cat licking my arm, but a lot less creepier. I had a bit of a nap and just relaxed, and again tried not to annoy Lauren too much, because she was doing the portrait and I didn’t want to distract her. Other Holdfast crew-folk were complimenting her on her work as they passed, which was really awesome, and she definitely deserved the praise cos when I got a geez, it was gangbusters! I was so damn happy I nearly cried, just so stoked to have such a good portrait piece for Dad. Of course I didn’t cry, because I am a Hard Cunt (can I even say the “C” word on WordPress??) Sorry to peoples mums reading this (Jan/Debs/Aunty Tarn etc) but that unfortunately is the only word available in this situation, really.

The “C” word aside, I then began the impatient task of waiting for the tattoo to heal. Grrr!!! I am into instant gratification, so waiting for something to look good is annoying for me. Finally though, it started healing and looking good. It was exciting to be able to show it to my family in NZ, and to Dads friends. My granny and aunty weren’t too happy about the fact that Dad has a ciggie in the pic, but to me it adds to the artistic atmosphere of the pic, and I wouldnt change any aspects. Its my favourite photo of Dad, and anyone that knows Dad also knows he quit smoking when they got to $1 a pack in Australia (like a hundred years ago) so I don’t feel that it is any way tarnishing his good reputation.

The finished piece, so awesome!!!

The finished product was well worth the wait for an appointment with Lauren, and she is 100% worth seeing, particularly if you’re looking at getting portrait work done. She’s really friendly, and made me feel comfortable and welcome, as did Jodie the manager who was a fan of the photo and was quite looking forward to seeing the finished tattoo.

Here is a link to Lauren’s artist profile on the Holdfast website, and from there you can also go to the Holdfast homepage for contact information. I definitely will advise that going into one of the studios with your concept and organising a consultation is a better way than “hollering” at them over Facebook.


Much better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.

Love Chelle xoxooxoxoxoxox










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