Quick Gumtree Bonanza

Please allow me to share with you all my recent find in the denim-and-pleather treasure trove of Gumtree……

"Hey, I want a sex change! Always wanted one and I'm thinking it's time to do it!"

The advertiser desperately wants their tattoo done by January 27th, presumably to show off their “sick ink” to all the peeps on Australia Day (which is also known as “the anniversary of ignorant and misguided patriotism which constitutes using the national flag to mop up spilled cask wine”). However, they were quoted the princely sum of $150 for the privilege. That’s right, an entire hundred and fifty dollars. For those of you that have never gotten a tattoo, this is generally what respectable places charge just to open the needle… and when someone refuses to pay even that, all it says to the tattoo studio is that they are a terrible bogan that doesn’t understand the importance and permanence of a high quality tattoo.

On a side note, I work part time as a receptionist at an escort agency and encounter people like this every week. People that call up and want an 18 year old, size 4 blonde australian with a DD cup, and act absolutely outraged when they are told the ladies hourly rate. They scoff and say that they only have $150, and to that I tell them to get a $50 Asian from the paper because that’s all they will get for that price.

"if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it"..... and funnily enough, the guy in the background is wearing a t-shirt that says "waiting for the perfect woman". Turn around, guy!!!!

If one is lame and illiterate enough to embarrass oneself by calling a standard tattoo rate a “but steap” then one deserves a shitty cheap tattoo. ¬†I hope they learn their lesson for being such a cheapskate.

Fuck the public so much sometimes.

Bigger and better post tomorrow


Love Chelle

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