its a bit serious

Oh hai

Its been awhile since my last post, mainly because I havent been doing much of anything except working and some painting. I haven’t done any apprenticeship searching because Im on a tight budget for a couple of months and won’t really be able to start anything until March-ish, so theres not much point being proactive until then. I can use the time I have off work to get some fresh art ideas started. I’m hoping to get a lot more drawing done, although I will still continue to work on oil portrait painting. Tattoo-wise, I’m getting a voucher for TnT from my mum for Christmas so hopefully I’ll be able to get a booking with Tony over the next couple of months, its high time I started getting my left arm background shaded in, although I have to leave a space for a sweet zombie pin-up girl in Feb.

awesome sexy zombie by Tony Sherer at Dig A Tattoo, Dunedin, NZ

By the by, my mum didn’t have a problem with the knuckles (I think she actually liked them but didn’t want to seem like an irresponsible parent by saying so) so I didn’t get ousted from the family just yet.

I’ve been thinking about how schools don’t really help you choose your career/passion in life. When I was at high school, it was a case of “choose the right subjects in your first year because if you don’t, you fuck your life up forever”. No 13 year old knows what they want to do in life, except for the smarmy ones whose parents, grandparents and high-achieving siblings were all lawyers. When I was around 8-10, I wanted to be a palaentologist. At 13, I wanted to be a lawyer (for about 2 months). At 15-16 I didn’t know what I wanted to do at all but really liked history (and had a hot history teacher). So I went to uni and studied law (?) and history/classical studies.

I was finally going to be one of the cool kids!

I withdrew from law after 6 months. I don’t even know why I did it, probably because I still didn’t know what I wanted to do, but my mum wasn’t keen on me taking a “gap year” so I had to decide on something to study for the sake of having a full semester. I also found that when your hot history teacher is absent and instead of World War 2 you’re studying 15th century Chinese maritime, you lose interest in history. All I enjoyed was classical studies. So when I re-enrolled in uni, classics and archaeology were what I studied – I guess the palaentologist in me had lain dormant for too long. I really enjoyed uni this time, but part of me wasn’t convinced that I was headed in the right direction. Meanwhile tattoos began to become a real interest, and over time developed into a passion. When I was around 8-12, I really loved art and drawing. I always had a natural thing for it, but of course when I got to high school it was all about “economics” and “typing” classes. You know – stuff that would get me a “real” job. So if I had been told to do what I loved rather that what I should do do “get a job”, I would have done art through high school, probably at tertiary level, and who knows? I may have gotten an apprenticeship 3-4 years ago.

tough decision - they're both fame hungry bitches, but Indy does dress better...

But that’s not what happened, and maybe for good reason. Its probably part of the reason that I know tattooing is what I want to do, because I have that life experience and have made the mistakes that have lead me to being honest with myself career-wise. I want to be that person who does what they enjoy and makes dick-all money, not that person who makes big money but has high blood pressure and a drinking problem. Funnily enough, the most common thing I get asked when I tell people I want to tattoo, is “how much money do tattoo artists make?” and I have to tell them that I honestly don’t know or care, but that apprentices don’t get paid at all. This often gets met with incredulous looks. I guess the majority of people still put money first over happiness in what they do. The moral of the post today is that if you have kids, don’t tell them what they should or shouldn’t do at school based on what you think is a “good job”. Most of the guys I know that have their own houses and are financially stable are guys that left school and did an electrician apprenticeship. And a lot of girls that did “business admin” are on the dole. Everyone does it differently, the main thing is that you have the right attitude.

Art that has happened since my last post has been fairly minimal, just two portraits, both of which were for other people. I think that when I become a tattoo artist, portrait would be my favourite style. I love drawing peoples faces!

memorial paintings

That is all for this post and I promise the next one will be funnier

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love Chelle

One thought on “its a bit serious

  1. awesome Chelle 🙂 i love ur blogs they rock! if i did one it would just be moaning lol ahahahahahaha!! you have real talent x

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