Gumtree is for bogans.

Funny how this entire blog is supposed to be about my efforts in getting into the tattooing industry, and yet all I seem to do is whine about Christmas and take pictures of Benny the textile guy. I feel like I’ve really let the team down, sorry guys. So I’ll outline a couple of things I did recently, making enquiries etc.

Last Friday I spoke to the owner of a reputable tattoo studio. He said he liked my artwork, and to come in for a chat about an apprenticeship. I went in the following day only to find he wasn’t there. I messaged him and said I would drop by again soon. I am going to email my portfolio to every good tattoo studio in Perth and in the meantime, get my ass going on some more paintings. Im pretty sure they don’t want to see a portfolio of generic traced flash, so I’ll just keep building up mine with my own paintings and drawings, and hopefully show my artistic progression over time – no flash except for the odd pin-up. Most tattoo artists I have seen are excellent painters, and I’m hoping that having a more painting style background will favour me in this case. Tattoos these days are much more custom and well-executed and it confuses me to see people that have filled their portfolios up with angelique houtkamp tracings, flaming dice, ships and anchors etc. I saw one girl’s portfolio last year that had nothing but straight traditional flash. If it was her own then well done, but its so hard to tell because every man and his dog can trace a heart with a banner these days. Also, don’t even get me started on people that put tribal in their portfolio.

"My main artistic skill is colouring in solid blocks of black. Also, I'm a filthy bogan with no taste - can I please have an apprenticeship?"

I answered an ad in Gumtree a week or so ago looking for artists, shop assistants etc but I haven’t heard back from them. The ad said that they were a new studio opening soon, I wonder who and where it is.

Funny story: I put an ad on Gumtree awhile back, with some of my artwork, advertising that I wanted a tattoo apprenticeship. Long shot I know, but you never know who may be looking out in all sorts of places. Anyway, this guy called me and asked if I was still looking for an apprenticeship (I was so excited!) but then offered to sell me a bunch of his tattooing gear  (furniture/inks/coils/machines etc) and spend a day or two “showing me how to use it” if I bought the gear. Imagine that – an industry full of self-respecting tattoo artists trying to keep that sort of dodgy shit down to a minimum and here’s a guy wanting to piss all over his trade just to make a few bucks selling second hand gear. Needless to say I didn’t buy it… fucking Gumtree. That sort of thing makes me feel like only bogans list stuff on Gumtree.

er... nope, no bogans here....

And on the tattoo front, I have that appointment for Tuesday for the finger moustache but BEFORE that, (3 hours before that to be exact) I have an appointment with the talented Daniel Aranda – and I will be posting pics of my gorgeous new tattoos on Tuesday night… holy smokes my mums gonna lose her shit when she sees my next piece…….

...but only cos she's crazy in love with oriental tattoos featuring yin-yangs......

OK so before I go I have to include at least one nice picture!!!!

"The Three Graces" - Janice Umsteen Weissman, from California. Awesome!

– Love Chelle xoxoxo

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