Friends don’t let friends get dolphin tattoos.

One of my favourite features in Post Modern Ink is the (S) *sigh* section. It has pictures of tattoos that are apparently bad – and 95% of them are.. but I do disagree on the odd occasion – see below. 

Whats not to like ??

 When it comes to art forms, it obviously is in the eye of the beholder, so let me be clear that the following list is my opinion only!!! I know of look down on (but at least I’m honest) people who still love their star sign tribal tramp stamp to bits and will probably never regret it, just like they never seem to regret shopping at Supre over the age of 17.
But anyway, here is my list of things that I would personally regret:
1. TRIBAL – anywhere, anything. Unless you are actually IN a tribe of some sort and can explain to me precisely what your tattoo means.
2. Kanji symbols for things like: love, faith, hope, justice, peace, destiny, all that sort of skanky shit that they seem to also name their children after. 
3. Ankle tattoos unless part of a shin plate… and more specifically, flowers and butterlies hanging round your ankle.
4. Dolphins with “tribal decoration round the edges”.
5. Lovers names – even if it is a totally legit love story
6. Star signs – this says to me that the person wanted to get something done but didnt know what, and had no imagination, so decided to go for something like their star sign. These people probably don’t even read horoscopes. They would be better off getting a tattoo of a giant dick on their forehead as its probably more a part of their daily being than their star sign will ever be.
7. Lyrics to well-known “classic rock” songs
8. Barbed wire arm/ankle bands
9. Celtic knots unless you are actually of celtic background.
10. Frogs/geckos/amphibians/small creatures like dormice…. I just plain don’t get it. 
I do however think its hilarious when I talk about getting a tattoo, or reveal a new piece, to be confronted with “how will that look when you’re 80?” ………….LOLWUT?……….. Why the shit would that matter? All 80 year olds look overcooked anyway, its not like people are going to say “oh that 80 year old woman would be so hot if she didn’t have tattoos… and how ever could she get a job with her knuckles done?

Its the barely-zipped skirt I'd be worrying about...

People that you won’t even remember at age 80 aside, today I want to share this update from Cherry Bomb Tattoo Parlour in Perth:
“Hey guys and dolls to support Mo-vember Cherry Bomb Tattoo Parlor will be holding a fundraiser, all proceeds will go to a great charity, We will be tattooing finger moustache’s for $50 on Tuesday the 30th of November. If anyone is interested call up Cherry Bomb Tattoo Parlor on 9228 1313 and make a booking, this will be a fun and enjoyable day.”
I’m doing it for sure, I’m booked in at 4pm 🙂 It’s for a good cause and although its a “hipster circa 2007 tattoo” (officially defined by my flatmate!) I’m not worried.  Its the one time when I gave to charity – and only cos I was getting something back , haha.   

2007: The Year of the Hipster. Also noted in this year were the duck face and mainstream skinny jeans.

Did I ever tell you about the time (today) when I went into Holdfast and booked in a piece with Daniel Aranda? yussss! He’s guesting again for a fortnight, and I’m extremely pumped. I also found out that Lauren who is doing my dads portrait, has tattooed Abbe May also – extra nangs for Lauren!
I think that one of my future posts (maybe not the next one though) will be about rude tattoo receptionists that don’t show any love for the industry (or any people skills) … Im talking bleach blonde skanks with no tattoos that look like they haven’t smiled or had a decent hair conditioning treatment in 5 years. I’d give my first born child to see people like this kicked back to Supre where they belong.

"Take him! I beg you! Just make the world right again.. PLEEEASE!!!!"

Until then, have a fantastic weekend – hopefully not getting “divinity” in kanji on your hip.

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