A quick catch-up, mainly using pictures

Hi there !!!!!

For the past week our internet was SHAPED!!! oh noes! So naturally, I have let my posting fall by the wayside….

This is just a real quick post to outline my last week or so, and I will be posting tomorrow night about (what else?) tattoos!!!!

Some of the major things that have happened in my week:

1. I finally took a photo of Benny

Benny, get down from the roof with all that fabric!

2. My friend Nick got a massive iPod shuffle, and also realised he was the squinty guy in the glasses ad;

Nick did not enjoy the Short Stack album I had loaded for him....

"This glasses ad seems to be selling shit glasses cos I still need to squint..."

 (Hey Nick can I please have your permission to use photos of you in my blog?)

3. I started flossing my teeth!!!

4. I went to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1, and it rules! Its no good for people that aren’t fans of the books though because you need to really understand whats going on, and the movies aren’t explanation enough imho.

"Why am I here? This isn't a Tim Burton movie....."

5. Its been like 38 deg at least twice and its hard to sleep

6. 2 of my Jem dolls have turned lesbian 

7. I put notes in my piggy bank (although I busted them out like 2 days later) …. its a start…….

8. I got artistic and then started drawing on my desk because now that Im an adult I can do what I want to my own furniture YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

The thug life set is free to a good home

9. I spent $10 on scratchies and got $17 back ($7  profit!!!!)

So its been a pretty good week overall, and before I go here is a picture of my little sanctuary where I do most of my thinking and writing 😀

Cluttered but full of love

xoxoxoxoxoxox Love Chelle


4 thoughts on “A quick catch-up, mainly using pictures

  1. Aja and Shana are still a bit nervous about their feelings, they were real mad that I posted that pic on the net cos they haven’t even come out to Jerrica and Kimber yet. I think they are in a wee bit of denial…..

  2. LOL Chelle this is so cool, i am so so jealous of my “40 year old” house and its tidyness!!! – i wish i could have a desk and posters!! y oh y did i have children !! lol 🙂

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