20 things I do when Im upset or just plain bored!

1. Consider why Im upset. Will I still care about this issue in 10 years? 5 years? 1 year? 6 months? 1 month? Put it in perspective. When I was a youngun and panicking about a bad report card or some such, I would think to myself that the worst thing that my parents could do was kill me, and that of course they wouldnt. This cheered me up no end.

Thank god my parents were never "down", "dope", nor "fly".

2. Design a tattoo or get a small piece if you can get a walk-in appointment!

3. Go out for lunch or dinner with a friend. Order yourself a bottle of wine, and don’t share it.

4. Make an impulse eBay purchase, even if its just some 99c crap from China. Waiting for stuff in the post is exciting as hell!


5. Do nangs until you uncover the Meaning of Life. Promptly enlighten everyone you know.

6. If you’re a girl, go through all your makeup and chuck out your old stuff. Tidy your “keepers” and then play with new makeup looks. Wear lipstick for a day if you don’t normally do it.

or, y'know, if you're a guy too, i guess.

7. Alphabetise all your shit; feel smug.

8. Google something youve always wondered about (exactly what was Dumbledore experiencing when he was drinking the potion on the Horcrux lake? If you are also curious, read this: http://www.cosforums.com/archive/index.php/t-60371-p-3.html )

9. Spend half an hour daydreaming about what you would spend Lotto winnings on.

10. Find shit that you don’t want or use, and get rid of it. Sell what you can on eBay and use that money to buy something you DO want respect. 

..... might be time to let go (for a reasonable price)

11. Have sex. And by this, I don’t mean “Have rape”.

12. Do something genuinely UNSELFISH, for no reason at all. Bring in your flatmates laundry, make a nice meal for someone you live with, buy a toy for a kid you know. Stuff like that.

13. Take a day off work sick (it’s affordable, now that you’ve sold all that useless shit on eBay). Get a box of beer and play guitar hero/singstar all day drunk. Heckle your flatmates as they arrive home from WORK.

Sucks to be Avril.

14. Go to the museum and do some learnin’.

15. Make a hilarious card and mail it to a friend. Or even just pick someone out of the phone book and send them a card to brighten their day. Stalker.

16. List non-physical qualities about yourself that you don’t like, and PHONE A FRIEND. Be the opposite of all that stuff. Feels good, man.

She who knows not about No. 16 on my list, doth not deserveth $1 mil.

17. Take all the empty shampoo/bodywash bottles out of the shower and rearrange the fuller ones nicely.

18. Change your bedroom around – when you’re like 40 with kids, you won’t get much of a chance to do this.

19. Look for conspiracy theories on the internet – my favourites are Lady Gaga being an illuminati puppet (http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=1676) and this one, http://pokmonx.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=340 whereby the entire Pokemon story is actually Ash in a coma after falling off his bike in the first episode. The characters are all aspects of his psyche…. and this also explains A LOT about Team Rocket. Good times!!!!

Good thing that conspiracy theory explains James' tits...

20. Go on www.chatroulette.com and play “count the dicks” until you find a regular person to talk to. Make up all sorts of awesome shit about yourself, until you have pumped up your self esteem. Then look at more dicks before logging off.

Hopefully everyone feels better and less bored !!!!

xoxoxo Love Chelle

3 thoughts on “20 things I do when Im upset or just plain bored!

  1. hi

    I loved your point no 16 of acting opposite of what i dont like about my self physically. Too good I even tried and had a good laugh. It really feel good
    Point no 4 and 9 are good too.

    I liked it.

    When you posting more things ?

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