“Sick tatt, bro!”

Having read over my first 3 posts, I worry that I may sound like a tattoo snob, or even just a dicksmack. So I thought that in the spirit of letting the readers (which is all of 4 people) know my history of tattoos – the majority of which are pretty shameful.

Tattoos #1 and #2 are combined, and are my token tramp stamp (but on the right hand side of my lower back).  They were done in 2003. The first one was the M (for Michelle because I so badly wanted a tattoo and wanted to make sure it was something that wouldnt change haha) and the second one was the script that followed. I won’t name/shame either of these tattoo artists, they are both from my hometown and I dont want to disrespect because the one that did the M normally does quite good tattoos. The script is an irish blessing, and I’ll never get this tattoo covered because it has significance to my family, even though the lines are wonkier than Forrest Gumps back. The hilarious thing about this is that I asked the second artist to add the script on by using the big “M” as the first letter. As you can see, he missed the point totally.

also, may your tattoo artist not be a dumbass.


Tattoo #3 was done in 2004 by the same scratcher who did the script above and it was a small celtic cross on my forearm – it was a good tattoo but in the end I felt it was a little small to be on the forearm and I wanted something bold, so it ended up being covered up in 2007 by Tattoo#5 – a line of 4 bold stars. The stars were done by Aaron of Visual Intelligence in Dunedin, and he is amazing. Aaron had previously done Tattoo #4 – a memorial tattoo for me after a beautiful friend of mine passed away in a car accident. I emailed to see if he had any openings when I next go back home to visit, and he said he was booked up until Jan 2012!!! Very much in demand. Here are the pieces from him below:

Excellent pieces.

Tattoo number #6 is a small eye of Ra that you can see in the above pic of the stars, right up at my wrist and was done by Tony in Dunedin, who is a great tattooist. Tattoo #7 is a swallow that was done in Perth and I wont say which studio, but I don’t like it at all, it doesnt look a thing like the picture, and it really isnt a hard tattoo to get right. It looks like a big smudge on my arm, and Ill be getting it covered very soon.

Tattoos #9 and #10 are Bali jobs. Im not proud of this AT ALL, but I’m also not a liar and I can’t write a blog about tattoo art and pretend that I’m perfect. One was meant to be Jem from Jem and the Holograms, and the other was meant to be a Mary corpse in the day of the dead style. Together, they cost me 1 million rupiah (about AUS$115)   


In no way is this truly outrageous.

After becoming much more passionate about the tattoo industry, my most recent – Tattoo #11 is an example of a good tattoo artists work. “Bones” Tony Nottle from TnT in Rockingham put a Trogdor on my arm, and I love it so much.

Trogdor the Burninator

So this concludes my tattoo gallery, and I am happy to say that all the shit ones will be getting cover ups, and in future all of my tattoos will be done by GOOD TATTOO ARTISTS who are trustworthy 🙂

Let todays post be a lesson to anyone thinking of getting a tattoo on the cheap.

Love, Chelle

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