Knuckle Sandwich

 Ill be getting tattoos on my knuckles/hands soon, much to my mothers dismay. Well, I imagine it will be dismay, as my rule with my mother is to never mention a tattoo until it is already on me. Not that I care too much; when I was younger and wanted to have all the latest “labels” she always refused to buy them for me whilst proclaiming that “its whats on the inside that counts” … so really, she has dug her own grave in this case!!

But first before I get my hands dirty, check out my first ink drawing at my last art class. It was supposed to be a realistic still-life, but I couldnt resist the opportunity to brighten up my lecturer Mario’s day, and to be honest I kind of fucked it up so I just continued on with it in the hope that a stab at humour could overshadow my ineptitude…..                            

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past couple of years about getting knuckle and finger tattoos. There is still a lot of stigma associated with “unhide-able” tattoos, and I wonder if tattoo artists secretly  get a bit bored of people coming in and requesting a tiny tattoo on their ankle/hip/foot/back so they can “hide” it. I get that people want to be able to hide their tattoos for work ….. then again, I would never work somewhere that was really that strict on body art and personal style. The idea that anybody would compromise their aesthetic values for the sake of a job makes me uneasy about the way people see like/work balance these days. Imagine if all your life you wanted desperately to have knuckle tattoos but never did anything about it because of some thankless job, and you’re left at 90 on your deathbed regretting it. And of course not everybody should go and get knuckle tattoos because not everyone can get away with it, like Sezza here.

She would have won had it not been for those silly tattoos she got in college.

I cannot wait to get mine though! I’m 40% sure I can get away with it, and with the new school curriculums rigged these days so that “nobody fails”, 40% is no longer a fail! HUZZAH!

There are many tattoo artists out there that wont tattoo peoples faces or hands (and a few that don’t do boy/girlfriends names) – for the reason that they don’t want to be a tool in somebody making a bad decision that they will live to regret. I like this – its like a cosmetic surgeon not wanting to do work on someone who has a perfect nose or ass. Also, its not too different from a few years back, where tattoo artists started refusing to do gang symbols or racial slurs. A great tattooist I know back home had a Mongrel Mob (major NZ gang) come in and ask for a big MM on his back in the gang colours, and tried to tell the artist that it was his kids’ initials. haha. So, YES power to the artists that take what they do seriously, and offer decent consultations with the client about what they want tattooed, why the placement, and why they would want a million damn stars on their face.

With hand and neck tattoos, most artists will be okay with it provided you have racked up a few hours under the buzz already. Itd be a bit weird if someone with no work anywhere on them (not even the token tramp stamp/australian stars tattoo) wanted to get knuckles/neck art. Also, I dont know if it would look that good without a bit of other work somewhere near it for contrast/composition. Look at me go – I don’t really know what Im talking about there. I wish I had done art in senior high school so I’d be able to express it properly. Chiascurio anyone? Sfumato? No? Nah… I didnt think so either.

PS.  Today I went into Holdfast Tattoos in Vic Park and booked in a tattoo session with the talented Loz 
The appointment will be on Friday 14th January 2011, and Im pretty excited.. It will be a portrait of my father, the late (and totally awesome) Kevin Fitzgerald, and will cover lots of my right forearm (wrapping around half of it), in black and grey, with a filigree border and a banner. The time is going to drag until then, Ive gotta say. Im also going to see if Tony from Dig A Tattoo in Dunedin can fill in the rest of my left half sleeve, he is one of the finest artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet: 


Have a good Thursday night shopping (yuck crowds) etc.
Love Chelle

4 thoughts on “Knuckle Sandwich

  1. I do hate people who get a tattoo so it can just be hidden, what’s the point of getting some ink if you have to pull something up or down to show it off? I enjoy having mine visible at all times, it’s an expression of my personality, and it’s a personal thing that I want to share with anyone who glances at my wrist.

  2. Hey tribal tramp stamps and australian stars are where its at :p we all have to have that start into the world that is tattooing and if I knew at 18 what I do now I would have made different choice, but hey even the bank ink make me who I am

    It was great meeting you last night and you have done well on your blog, I will def keep an I on it 😀


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