Shock Box

My name is Chelle and I am a NZ laydee living in Western Australia. I moved here for the same reason that every other NZer did – the wages are about double what we would get back home, and the opportunities for greatness are knocking on as many doors as more doors than your local Mormons.

"Oh sorry guys, you're too late... Opportunity 's already been"

And so, I came here to chase a tattoo apprenticeship, which are incredibly hard to come by anywhere in the developed world (except jail), favouring the notion that bigger city = more tattoo studios = more diversity in the industry. As opposed to the common “no women in my shop”/ “girlss cant tattoo” small-town mentality.Ill be writing about my attempts to break into the inner sanctum of the industry and posting shots of my artwork, discussing tattoo related – and totally unrelated – issues, talking about my Jem doll collection, and of course, having many irrelevant side rants.Because where would the world be without an elderly (Im 25, it qualifies) persons ravings about things that dont really matter?Let me also quickly tell you about some other stuff:I like the following: drawing and painting, collecting Jem merchandise (that will get a whole post to itself, dont you worry), playing PS3 games involving treasure hunts, such as Tomb Raider and Uncharted, films, getting parcels in the mail, electro pop music, people with manners, The Internet, nitrous oxide just kidding, but not really.I do not like the following: crowds, nightclubs where people are mainly under 21, exercise, season 2 onwards of the show Lost, the fact that nobody these days seems to value grammar and spelling, the idea that people under 14 need a cellphone (what?! I got my first at 18 – and still had a social life), working in the “CBD” and wearing heels every day, brussel sprouts, bok choy, cucumber, courgettes and tomatoes.

So there it is – this is me, this is my blog and I hope my triumphs, trials and tribulations make for interesting reading.Love Chelle